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18 June 2011

Happy Birthday to .... The Body Shop

As announced, The Body Shop turned 35 last week. Obviously they  had to throw a party, and they did it on their own well-known TBS-style. Green balloons, green carpet, cocktails, lets have some fun !

I don't think that there is one person alive in both the States and Europe that doesn't know The Body Shop. Honestly, that store has made real statements in the past that made them inevitably in today's beauty sphere. Every beauty-adept has at least one TBS-item, and for good reasons! Against animal testing, the use of natural products and the fighting for good causes (such as fighting against child abuse)  makes them not only a green, but a very conscious company that makes every woman feel good.

                                                                        "Love Your Body" 

That quote smiles at you every time you walk into one of their stores. The strong message they are sending out is much appreciated by women all over the world, because we should! Roddick (the late Dame Anita Roddick) launched in 1997 a global campaign against the media stereotyping of woman and to raise self-esteem in woman. Since the numbers of anorexia and bulimia kept on raising ridiculously fast, she decided to do something about it, fighting for women who became insecure because of the false image of "perfect people" that the media kept poisoning the population with. The fact that the runway models, who are considered to have "the ultimate beauty", were practically bones and skin, didn't help either. So the fact that TBS helps everybody feel better about themselves would be enough to support them, but it wouldn't be fair not to discuss their products! Everybody knows how TBS = yummy smells. Any type of body butter, shampoo or even hand cream smells so delicious, sometimes I just walk into a store just for the smell of it :P.