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29 February 2012

Outfit : Don't Mint My Sweater

Ever since I saw this mint sweater at the H&M's 4th edition of FAA, I fell in love with this fresh color. Even though the collection definately didn't get the attention it deserved, I felt like just waiting until the rest of fashion world would wake up. And yes, what did I read in ELLE : Mint is the it color of this season. SCORE.

27 February 2012

Focus : Anna Dello Russo

Ladies en Gent's, I want to introduce to you the lovely Anna Dello Russo. The fashion blogger/enthusiasts /blabla surely know her, but I'm sure that some of you don't and you should. Keep reading for the what and why's !

26 February 2012

Outfit : Orange, Gold & a Vintage Bag

It has been way to long since I last posted an outfit, so I thought it was about time I did them more regularly. Here is a look I really like, because the accesorizing really makes the difference. It can be worn as a casual, layed-back outfit, but with some heels, a bright blazer and lots of jewelry it's instant chic !

25 February 2012

Fashion and The Art Of Being Boring

In the world of fashion people have a tendency to strive for perfection, whatever that might be. People want to fit the mold, to be a part of the whole, to stand out without standing alone.
The big names in fashion started out being les enfants terribles : Coco Chanel went androgyn when women wore corsets, McQueen remixed absurdity with fashion and Sonia Rykiel gave the big fat finger to the serious fashion incrowd. Even though they took a serious risk, they stayed authentic, real, which eventually led to their succes.

24 February 2012

Backstage Rumbles: River Island

I always have this fascination for the backstage-part of events. When I like a movie, I NEED to see the behind-the-scenes. Concert? Photoshoot ? Making-of-video's please !

For my interships I had the change to shoot a lot of them too, which you will find soon enough. But today, I want to talk about the River Island Spring 2012 collection ! Besides the gorgeous looks and summer swag vibes, I love how they made their models so "human"! Take a look at my faves here :

This video is SO me, I can't even deal ! I love it how they got the swagger-kid level mixed with a glamorous, prada-ish vibe with lots of summer feel and instant smiles ! Also, I feel as if every piece is super versatile; you can throw all the prints together or just mix it with more basic pieces to calm the drama you would cause in the streets ;)

The RI models also share their best tips on best dates, tatoo no-go's and honestly, I can't get enough of that voice-over 

This season is kind of an extension of last summer's trend color blocking : Make your outfit a show stopper ! Prints, colors, the whole shabang. I know what I'll be wearing this summer, do you ?



21 February 2012

Fashion Resolutions

In my opinion everybody should have a few fashion resolutions, if only it were to try new styles, or finally get rid of bad habits ( white socks,ew!) I always had loads, but  - like often with any kind of resolutions - I never kept them. This year I decided to do things differently.

I really need to wear more color ... - weheartit-

Event Recap

Dear readers, criticasters and random surfers, welcome.

For today's post, I would like to request a moment of silence. Silence because we are about to say a prayer, yes indeed. Why ? because I need to thank the LAWRD - that's why! - Let's bow our heads please.