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05 March 2012

Thing to try : The Bucket List

I believe it is important to have goals in your life, to challenge yourself and be proud of what you achieve. Even though many people agree, most just leave it with agreeing. But, my dear procrastinators, I have found something fun. Maybe not original, but definately fun. It is called The Bucket List.

For those who don't know this, basically a bucket list is just a to do list, but we refuse to get boring right? So we give it a fancy-pancy name and call it a Bucket List. With capitals.

In this Bucket List, you sum up the things you want to to before a certain date. Mostly people make a "before I die"List, but that is soooo depressing and most of all it gives you room to procrastinate. No-go. Instead, why not make a "before the end of the month"-list? Hmm?

--> Try to have realistic goals. You are not going to catch that unicorn, trust me.
--> Remember to continuously remind yourself that you have a challenge going on ! If you think you'll just drop it when alone, try making it a game and challenge your friends to! Make it a rule that everybody who completes his/her task must take a picture of it, and the person who wins, gets a prize!
-->  Keep in mind how proud you will be once gotten to that point. You will have accomplished a challenge, gained a life experience, and you'll have a damn good story to tell !

This year is my first year at college, the perfect time of your life to do some challenges, don't you think?

Want to join the challenge? Look at mine!

1. Work on my photography, perfection it until I have awesome pictures for my portfolio.
2. Go to India.
3. Live in the States for at least a year.
4. Have a food fight.
5. Attend a Masquerade Ball
6. Sing karaoke in a bar.
7. Cut my hair short 
8. Perform a solo dance on stage.
9. Grow my hair long again.

10. Bungee jump.
11. Attend an awesome concert and go backstage. ( and take way too many pictures ) 
As you can see, I have already done some on my list, because I made it in December I had some time to complete a few. Can't wait to do all the others !

What's on your bucket list?