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23 July 2012

[ NEWS ] Condé Nast College

 Condé Nast has officially opened their own school. Excuse me while I pass out and DIE.

21 July 2012

[AD] Office To Out

With lighter evenings now in full force, it’s far more likely that you’ll find yourself less inclined to scurry home after work each day. On a hot summer’s evening, who can resist a quick drink in a beer garden – or several more on a Friday? But the downside to going out straight from work is that we don’t always feel ready to party by the time 6pm comes around. Here are some tips on turning the office look into a bar-worthy outfit.

04 July 2012

[ WISHLIST ] Circle Sunglasses

During the last few months I've attended more photoshoots than I ever imagined, and I LOVE it. Obviously I see a lot of pretty things ALL the time, that's why I always have my camera ready to snap all that catches my eye. Today I wanted to show you guys my latest crush : Circle sunglasses!

Paul & Joe