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28 April 2012

H&M Bloggersnight feat. FAA 2012

So last Thursday I headed to the H&M showroom in Brussels, to go see the new FAA 2012 collection! The Invitation promised a lot of fun and fashion, so I ran out of class before it was even done ( I'm that badass) so I could be there. The things I do for fashion...

I warn you, picture overload! I had way too many pictures, so I hope these will tell you enough about that night and the fab clothing I saw

Pampering, pampering...

Honestly what is a blogger's night when you can't play dress-up?
What is a blogger's night when you can't play dress-up ? I can tell you we had loads of fun. Can you guess the blogger above ?

If you like the collection, you better run run run! The same exact day that the collection came out there were already some items sold out! The skirt that I wanted wasn't there anymore, but I got most of the accessories. I promise I'll do another outfitpost soon :)

Remember, if you buy anything of this FAA collection, 25% will go to a good cause. So seriously what is better than shopping and helping people? Nothunngg! 

Bisous babes, enjoy your weekend ! 

edit : You want to know more about Fashion Against AIDS? Check out the Designers Against AIDS website

25 April 2012

Shop: Louboutin Capsule Collection at SMETS

For all my Loubi Lovers in the Benelux, good news...

Get your fine behinds running to SMETS, our own little fashion walhalla, because they  are now selling a capsule collection of the famous red soles !

To celebrate Louboutin's 20th birthday, Christian Louboutin made a capsule collection drowning in some good old nostalgia

"Pensée is the shoe that inspired the red sole", thus the famous designer. The "Pensée" shoe is only one out of 20 shoes selected for this special collection, toghether with 6 unique bags.

Even if Louboutin's aren't exactly in your budget, one can always dream right? My favorite is ahbsoluteleh the Troironds shoe, it's just perfect for my precious feet ! The color of Neurone hit my eye straightaway, just mind-blowing. I get happy by only looking at them.

SMETS Premium Store Luxembourg 
262 route d'Arlon
L-8010 Strassen
(Note : they are only available here)

SMETS Store Brussels
650-652 Chaussée de Louvain
1030 Bruxelles
( Open from monday to saturday, 10.30 am to 7pm)

Check out their online shop  too!

Keep holding on peeps, we are already mid-week, #cheerstotheweekend ! 



23 April 2012

Tommy Hilfiger's Promise Collection

Last Thursday I was invited to the Tommy Hilfiger flagship store in Antwerp to see his latest "Promise" collection. I had already heard a lot of praise around this initiative so I was very exited to go see it myself! I was very tired from pressdays and school ( not to mention stressed out :O ) But since the magic of Cafeïne never seizes to amaze me, I had enough fuel to get me trough the day.

1. First public appearance with da braids ! // 2. "Carltonville" wrap skirt // 

The Millennium Promise 

Millennium Promise is a non-profit organisation that wants to achieve the Millenium Development Goals ( such as; cut extreme poverty and hunger by half, combat HIV/AIDS, education for all kids,...) 

To support this, Tommy Hilfiger made a promise : 100% of the revenues made by selling this collection will go to this cause!

The Event

Even though I was there very briefly, I had the opportunity to take a closer look at the collection (while retaining the urge to get myself a new Tommy wardrobe, preppy pants included) 
I was/am kind of sceptical towards those brands that throw in their " african inspired" collections, partly because I'm very familiar with the prints and fabrics, partly because you risk that "I bought this at the market for 10 bucks"-look. Not cool if you actually paid at least ten times that! . 

Invited were some celebrities, journalists and autre beau monde from the fashion industry, who could enjoy some african music and cocktails !

Anyways, I was kind of dissapointed to see that my favorite items weren't all displayed at the store ( those that I saw were quite dissapointing ) but I did love certain items very much! Obviously all the items are for Tommy prices ( meaning not so cheap) but remember that you're supporting a good cause ! :D

3. "African Continent" V-neck tee ( also available in black for men!) // 4. Coral necklace 

Entire Collection

Join the movement ! tweet your promise with #makeapromise and get the chance to not only become a Tommy Hilfiger Ambassador  (Katie Holmes is one too), but you could also  win a trip to Uganda with mr. Hilfiger himself ! 

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The competition closes May 5th, 2012. What is your promise ?



20 April 2012

DIY : From Awkward to Awesome

I found this old button-down shirt in a pile of forgotten clothes when I was doing my wardrobe springcleaning. I found it too pretty to throw away, but then again it was too big for me to wear comfortably ( It dates from my fatty period ). I thought about a fun DIY I saw on tumblr the other day and I decided to just go for it ! 

Soo class,  what do we need ?

And obviously the shirt to customize ! Let's begin. Class, take notes ! 

Put the shirt on and mark where you would like to cut. You might wanna try a small cirkle first, you can always make it bigger later on. It should look like this afterwards :

The pencil markings weren't very visible, that's why I went for a pen later on. After you have marked correctly, cut it out !

Easy peasy no?  Depending on the form of your body, you can cut a circle or an oval form. I went for oval since I have quite "square"  shoulders.

Now comes the tricky part. Fold the shirt in a way that the uncut arm slides into the already cut arm. You should see the "inside" of the uncut part inside the cut part, like so :

Mark the edges, cut it and tadadadamm :

Button the shirt all the way up and add a fun bowtie to give it the right prep-touch ! 

In my opinion, it's perfect if you want to show some skin but not go for cleavage. Add a bold lip, cute updo for your hair and you're ready to rock it !

 Have fun DIY'ing ! 



06 April 2012

Outfit: Hunger Games

Today I'm going to watch The Hunger Games ! 

1. Sneakers by Vans / 2. Blackberry Curve smartphone  / 3. Sunglasses at 21 Men / 4. Ring, Forever 21 / 5. Ring, SIX jewelry / 6. Vintage camera, Zenit.

7. Tanktop at H&M / 8. Necklace with "Forever" ingraving, Forever 21 / 9. DIY necklace.

10. High waist studded short, thrifted. / 11. Givenchy Notebook.

 I'll probably have to add some tights and a vest, because the weather here sucks big time, buh :(

Have an awesome weekend babes ! Are you guys already on springbreak?



05 April 2012

Digital Revolution: Bloggers on Covers

While the world is still digesting the Digital Revolution that is taking place, it's time to ask some serious questions. Y'all know that I overthink stuff way more than I should, but it's really interesting to think about the things that are happening right now. My first analysis is regarding (fashion) magazines and their evolution.

Wait What?

The Digital Revolution, also known as the Virtual Revolution, is something that started nearly 4 years ago. It were the early days of blogging, when everybody took babysteps in exposing their daily foolishness online. What we are seeing now (and what the next generation will hate because they will have to study it in History Class) is the Digital Revolution developping into a Digital Domination. Blogs, websites and other online stuff are taking more and more space in our everyday lives. It's way too early to say if this is a good or bad thing, but there is simply no way around it anymore.

First, Une Leçon d'Histoire

In the history of glossies, the crème de la crème of fashion and film have always been futured on magazine covers. In the early days of print this prestigious place was reserved for the top models of that time such as Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista.

Carine Roitfeld should ring a bell no? Her titles range from Former Editor Extraordinaire to the Rebel and Trendsetter of Vogue. She reigned at Vogue France for 10 years, from 2001 to Januari  31, 2011. Her je-m’en-fous-attitude made the world tremble when she decided to put actresses on the cover of the international fashion bible. Nowadays practically anyone can get on a cover (You just have to be very famous and pretend you do something in life. I’m not citing any names here but you get my point) .


The Evolution Theory

What I was wondering, when are they going to put bloggers on the covers? Nobody can deny their impact anymore in both fashion and lifestyle, they are even walking the runway , so who will be the first to make it on the cover of Vogue ?
80% of the so called “blogger-elite” look like models anyway, not to mention the hard work the magazines put in Photosh- euh photography, So why not ? Imperfection is not an argument anymore,  having a "serious job" isn't either. (that's like, so anti-chic. *rolls eyes*).

I honestly believe that bloggers and "real life heroes" will soon join the select group of models, actresses and semi-careerwomen that make the headlines today.

I know the fashion industry is still looking down on bloggers but come on, if you can’t fight ‘em, you should join ‘em !

Personally I find it superduperinteresting to watch the industry change, to see how the world is reacting and adapting to what's happening today. Can you imagine seeing your favorite blogger *ahum*voteforme*ahum* on a fancy pancy magazine? Seriously the day I see a blogger on a cover I'm going to scream victory to world domination. We shall reign to infinity and beyond dear readers. 

Do you see this happen anytime soon? What magazine do you think will be first ? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this subject !



03 April 2012

Review : Katy Perry lashes by Eylure

Guys I have struggled and suffered in order to get this post right for you, so y'all better appreciate it and say thank you. Ok I'm joking (a little), but this one was kind of difficult.

Let's start with a confession: I've always been kind of naive when it came to mascara ads *shame*. I actually thought that my lashes would get to crazy lengths if I used that type of mascara *moreshame*. Then life granted me mercy and the years of maturity came, le moi realised that the magic was done by fake eyelashes.

So when I was asked to review these eyelashes designed by Katy Perry, I didn't hesitate for a second because I WANT FAHBULOUS LASHES TOO! 
The reason of my enthusiasm is that my (naked) lashes are so pathetic that it's not even funny anymore. Unlike some people in my family who will never have to wear mascara, because of their natural fablashes. psshht.  #hatermode.

I tested a pretty dramatic one  for you guys. But first, behold my sad eyelashes avant :

So these are the lashes that are supposed to perform miracles for me today :

The ones that know me enough are aware of the fact that I'm so clumsy, I fall over everything including my own feet and imaginary bricks, so you can imagine the drama of putting these lashes on my eyes. I seriously poked my eye with a tweezer and went blind for like a whole minute but in the end victory !

They were dramatic already ! Besides the fact that I'm now scared of tweezers, the lashes were really nice! At first it feels weird and butterfly-y, but you soon get used to it.

Pro & Con's :

+    Instant glamour
     Your whole look gets a makeover
     Cutest package ever
     They seriously put stickers inside. Sold.

-    You might wanna do a test-run before, to get the hang of it
     Tweezers are not my friends anymore
     It's tricky to make the lashes stick evenly.

You can find these lashes at DI ! 

So guys, what do you think ? Would you try fake eyelashes ?