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20 April 2012

DIY : From Awkward to Awesome

I found this old button-down shirt in a pile of forgotten clothes when I was doing my wardrobe springcleaning. I found it too pretty to throw away, but then again it was too big for me to wear comfortably ( It dates from my fatty period ). I thought about a fun DIY I saw on tumblr the other day and I decided to just go for it ! 

Soo class,  what do we need ?

And obviously the shirt to customize ! Let's begin. Class, take notes ! 

Put the shirt on and mark where you would like to cut. You might wanna try a small cirkle first, you can always make it bigger later on. It should look like this afterwards :

The pencil markings weren't very visible, that's why I went for a pen later on. After you have marked correctly, cut it out !

Easy peasy no?  Depending on the form of your body, you can cut a circle or an oval form. I went for oval since I have quite "square"  shoulders.

Now comes the tricky part. Fold the shirt in a way that the uncut arm slides into the already cut arm. You should see the "inside" of the uncut part inside the cut part, like so :

Mark the edges, cut it and tadadadamm :

Button the shirt all the way up and add a fun bowtie to give it the right prep-touch ! 

In my opinion, it's perfect if you want to show some skin but not go for cleavage. Add a bold lip, cute updo for your hair and you're ready to rock it !

 Have fun DIY'ing !