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29 October 2011

Eye-Spied : Jeans & Metallica

I think that metal details on jeans are an eye-catcher, easy to DIY ! ( will post a tutorial on that later) 

Rough, destroyed edges, cartoon t-shirt underneath and Ray-Bans, would you dare on this hipsterstyle?

28 October 2011

Loving Ladurée

Since I'm all on confessions these days, here is another one : I never ate macarons, even though I am surrounded by them. On my list of must-do's it was of high priority but I felt like the first time I tasted macarons, it had to be from the best. I only heard lovesongs about Ladurée, so this fashion-food had to be bought ASAP. While strolling on the Champs-Elysées between some streetstyle-at-night-shots, my stomach led me to the store as if the automatic pilot was preset on finding deliciousness. 

27 October 2011

Coke Goes White

Being a dedicated, full - admitted Coca Cola Light addict, I can tell you with no shame that I probably drink more Coca Cola Light than water. Hmm, maybe I should be ashamed... Whatever I'm getting off topic. The reason of my confession is that Coca Cola is pulling out an all-white version of their famous cans.

Things to try : Leather Accessories

I crossed a girl in Paris wearing this very special thingy, not exactly sure what it was but it looked damn fierce ! Made me think of how I would like to have so many things in leather, inspiration after the jump !

25 October 2011

Focus: Rachel Zoe

Meet the most stylish among the stylists : Rachel Zoe ! 

Eye-Spied : Sequins Above All

You are not going to escape the sequins trend this season. Or ever, for that matter.

16 October 2011

5 reasons why you're not losing weight

You've tried every diet in the book, still your body seems to hold on to those love-handles like they in love for real. Why is that ?

Coco Après Chanel : Part I

If you call yourself a fashion lover, Coco Avant Chanel is a must-see movie. It tells the story of Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel, from her youth as a poor girl to a known designer. What I found so striking about her personal style was that she adapted so early that laid back, no-nonsense boyish look. She refused to wear clothing that would be uncomfortable in any way, what I found more than reasonable. Fashion has to feel good, right? Today I'll show you an outfit inspired by this movie:

15 October 2011

Blogtorial : Little Red Riding Hood

I present proudly ; My First Blogtorial ! Above you can see the "cover" of this theme, featuring my little sister Shalom. 

I never knew that this was how my first blogtorial would be, since I had planned another story/theme which turned out to take a lot of time, so I'm glad I have something to show you guys. My sister is a beautiful kid with ridiculously long legs, model to be ! She loves fashion and has truly an eye for pretty clothes, she would never let anybody dress here because she always knew exactly what she wanted to wear, and how ! 

True fashionista at heart, she immediately agreed for a photoshoot. She had to pick her own outfit, poses,... She happy me happy. Click to read more !

12 October 2011

Lets Chase Our Dreams... For Real This Time !

Ever crossed a girl, medium to small height, with tons of dreams, a billion ambitions, a pair of high heels and looks like a tornado of energy? Hello there, I think we've met. I'm the girl that wants everything and does, well nothing. Nothing concrete at least. But, like many people know, I hate wasting my time and I have way too much energy to do nothing. So get up, follow your dream let's get this party started !

10 October 2011

Les Visages De Paris

I always love to take portraits when I'm going somewhere, capture the people and their expressions. I would like to do it in every new town I visit, so why not start in Paris?

I used to take better pictures with my analog camera, the one that I had since I was 8 years old. I knew it inside out, what makes it obviously easier to take good pictures. I'm still trying to find the right technique with this one, so I can only hope it gets better as I go ;) 

09 October 2011

Backstage : Giambattista Valli S/S 2012

I thought playing paparazzi outside the Giambattista Valli would get me some awesome streetstyle pics, and I got even more than I asked. I had the great opportunity to have a look backstage, but with all that crazy and hectic energy over there, it was a refreshing change to see M.A.C director  Nadine Luke being calm itself. The models were coiffé et poudré, hitting the catwalk, so this beauty had some breathing time.  I found her touching up her own makeup, thought it was the perfect moment to sit beside her and have a good ol' chat. 

Viktor&Rolf S/S 2012 Fashion Show

There are no words available to say how exited I was to attend this season's V&R show. I have so much respect for them, that being able to attend one of their shows was just mind-blowing. I enjoyed every second of  it, mostly because I noticed pretty early that my the light was ruining my pictures, so I wouldn't have to focus on capturing good ones anyway

It was truly a stunning collection. "Baby Doll" seeming to be the head-theme, they showed us a lot of glitter and soft colors, enormous stitches and over gorgeous clutches. Maybe it is my fandom of V&R, or just my love for pastels mixed with glitter, I loved it. There were a few - let me exaggerate a little - PERFECT dresses, the kind that I would sell a kidney for to have them. Saw some pretty gorgeous dresses chez Valentin Yudashkin too,sadly I have only 2 kidneys. 

Martin Grant S/S 2012 show

The first show I had the honour to attend was Martin Grant. I'm really a fan of luxurious hotels, so the Westin  was everything my  precious heart desired. Please bear with me, I used my new camera for the first time, didn't master the dim light during the shows well. Anyways, here are my favorite looks :

Eye-Spied : Outside the Giambattista Valli Show

04 October 2011

Welcome to Weirdopolitan

When the endless summerdays (although, that's how it felt anyway ) seize their magic, when the wind starts to blows just that little bit harder, and the rain starts to fall harder and colder, we all know what time it is : school begins !  September means new beginnings as December means cold. And while September means to most of the people "the beginning of the academic schoolyear", for me it means one and only one thing this year : Fashion Week.

Now, when you'd hear me speaking you would maybe not expect me to start my freshman year at college, mostly because I stopped stressing about the first school day somewhere around grade 7. Well I still do, somehow,  but for the moment I have this way more stressing and at the same time exiting event coming up. My very first time to attend Fashion Week. and not in the least of the cities : Paris, Oui !

So I get there at the campus, with no idea where to go, what teacher to ask for or even what class I had to be in. Luckily it's only introduction week, and I shouldn't have bothered anyway since all of the freshman students were lost en masse.After they guided us like lost cows into the class, we sat there for almost 2 hours listening to our  learning coach . The coach was okay, the students seemed okay, the school was okay. Meh.