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03 April 2012

Review : Katy Perry lashes by Eylure

Guys I have struggled and suffered in order to get this post right for you, so y'all better appreciate it and say thank you. Ok I'm joking (a little), but this one was kind of difficult.

Let's start with a confession: I've always been kind of naive when it came to mascara ads *shame*. I actually thought that my lashes would get to crazy lengths if I used that type of mascara *moreshame*. Then life granted me mercy and the years of maturity came, le moi realised that the magic was done by fake eyelashes.

So when I was asked to review these eyelashes designed by Katy Perry, I didn't hesitate for a second because I WANT FAHBULOUS LASHES TOO! 
The reason of my enthusiasm is that my (naked) lashes are so pathetic that it's not even funny anymore. Unlike some people in my family who will never have to wear mascara, because of their natural fablashes. psshht.  #hatermode.

I tested a pretty dramatic one  for you guys. But first, behold my sad eyelashes avant :

So these are the lashes that are supposed to perform miracles for me today :

The ones that know me enough are aware of the fact that I'm so clumsy, I fall over everything including my own feet and imaginary bricks, so you can imagine the drama of putting these lashes on my eyes. I seriously poked my eye with a tweezer and went blind for like a whole minute but in the end victory !

They were dramatic already ! Besides the fact that I'm now scared of tweezers, the lashes were really nice! At first it feels weird and butterfly-y, but you soon get used to it.

Pro & Con's :

+    Instant glamour
     Your whole look gets a makeover
     Cutest package ever
     They seriously put stickers inside. Sold.

-    You might wanna do a test-run before, to get the hang of it
     Tweezers are not my friends anymore
     It's tricky to make the lashes stick evenly.

You can find these lashes at DI ! 

So guys, what do you think ? Would you try fake eyelashes ?