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31 March 2012

Fashion Dramatology

A while ago I experienced something weird. This phenomenon is called the fashion-seizure, usually experienced by bloggers, dedicated shoppers and lovers of shoes.

a fashion seizure is that moment when your heart stops for a solid 5 minutes and probably caused by a nearby Prada bag, DVF dress or Blahnik shoe. It is that moment when you can't help yourself but run to the product of desire and hold it in your hands while you pull out that credit card. Usually you are yelling to a randomly chosen victim (a.k.a salesperson) "HURREH I NEEDS THIS *insert product of desire* IN MEH LIFE !!!". God help the bystanders who have to witness this kind of drama during sales  -or even worse, samplesales-, where usually two persons are ready to fight for their lives to get this object.

Been there, done that, although this time in a slightly less dramatic version since I didn't feel the urge to threaten somebody with death and curses.

My object of desire was nothing less than a Prada bag from the new S/S 2012 collection. The glorious day I held this work of art in my hands, I was at a photoshoot for Feeling magazine. Since the interns have to do the jobs nobody wants to do, I had to unpack all the clothing that we had to use for this particular shoot. Among the ( ridiculously gorgeous) accesories, this heavenly bag was just laying there, ready to be held into my loving arms.

I swear my heart stopped for so long I thought I was going to die. It comes as no surprise that I had already seen the bag during fashion week reviews, but seeing it in real life is really something else.

I know this might sound way to dramatic for a bag, but this is Prada so I'm aloud to. Plus, you really need to hold it in your hands to know what I'm talking about. The leather is just perfect, the finish is perfectly done... *sigh* Donations, anyone?

Excuse the bad quality, somehow all of my pictures were all kind of "off" that day... 

Anywayzz, I really liked these Chanel bags too, especially the taupe/nude one. The mint bag was also pretty, but not a very good size.

Prada, Chanel and Balenciaga are definately my favorite brands when it comes to bags, what are yours? Realistic or not :p 


p.s: no seriously, if you feel the need to sponsor me, please let me know. I would give you my eternal love

30 March 2012

Rocking the nail trends

Promised you more beauty posts, here is me keeping da promise, applause please.
Keeping up with the mint trend, I decided to mix it up with this gray metallic colour, both Catrice.

A name has never been so appropriate, because you actually can't tell whether it's blue or green. Weird. Seriously spend like 87 years to figure out how they tricked me with that. 
I wasn't a fan of how the colour applied though, had to put a gazillion layers on it to assure coverage and even then I wasn't very satisfied... Capitain Sparrow's Boat is a pearly black ( lol get it?) polish, one of my favorites since I bought it.

The gray nails both got 2 layers and no topcoat, the mint ones did. Chipping started after 4-5 days, but mostly because I'm not that carefull when it comes to my manicure... 

Considering everything I'm only happy with the "Green or Blue?" when it's nicely in its pretty package, but for only  €2,49 I'm not going to complain ! "Captain Sparrow's Boat" earned it's stripes a long time ago, so I'm still a big fan.

You can find the Catrice nailpolishes at Kruidvat.




29 March 2012

Blog Under Construction

As you can see, my dear procrastinators and fashion lovers, things  have changed quite a bit around here. I'm totally re-looking my blog for the moment, so please bare with me for a while. If there's something you need to know in the mean time, please send me an e-mail to :


And I'll get back to you as soon as possible.



23 March 2012

Celebrating Spring

So Spring has officially started two days ago, since nothing makes me smile more than the sun  shining I thought I'd celebrate it with delicious icecream and a day off. Even though walking around in bare legs isn't possible yet ( trust me, I tried ) I've been drooling over these Steve Maddens for a while now.

15 March 2012

Outfit : Summer Favorite

Still have my mind set on summer, so I thought I'd share with you my favorite items that I'll probably wear a lot. More after the jump !

13 March 2012

The Big You Blogger Event

On the 8th of March I  went to the awesomest of events that took place at the UPR headquarters in Antwerp.  I wasn’t supposed to go, but when I had to for TheFashionalists I succumbed. Their invitation looked so promising, couldn’t wait to be there ! Curious what happened at this blogger-event ?

12 March 2012

Outfit; Here Comes The Sun !

Long anticipated rays of sunlight since Sunday, couldn't be any happier!  I've been waiting for the right moment to show you this outfit, so tada : The occasion has arrived !

So even though I kind of sworn to not wear not black, I get somehow still got stuck with "easy" colours, in this case blue. Ah whatever. Thoughts?


09 March 2012

Busy Blogger Bee!

Hi there sweeties, I know I was MIA for a few days, but I'm very busy preparing some posts for you !

I was thinking about doing more beauty-related posts, but never could get myself to it. But, faith has taken the choice for me and currently I'm doing more beauty stuff than ever before, yes indeed.

So wondering what's waiting ? Take a look at these pics :

07 March 2012

Eye - Spied : Meet Emma

Hi there everybody, today I'm going to show you some quick pictures I took between two sessions at the Luc.Duchene x TheFashionalists photoshoot. I really loved the atmosphere there, so laid back; it all revolved around fun and fashion that day!

I really liked Emma's outfit, so I asked her to pose for me, here are the results :

06 March 2012

Top 5 Jobs in Fashion

Always wondered how you could work in fashion without having to be a model, or Anna Wintour? Got tired of all those boring job options they talk about at school? Check out the 5 most awesome jobs in fashion! 

05 March 2012

Backstage : Luc.Duchene x TheFashionalists

The recipe is simple. You take one streetstyle photographer, four beautiful blogger ladies, an awesome store and two three cameras. The result is an awesome photoshoot, killer backstage video and backstage pics by moi. Ready for some visual overload ? 

Thing to try : The Bucket List

I believe it is important to have goals in your life, to challenge yourself and be proud of what you achieve. Even though many people agree, most just leave it with agreeing. But, my dear procrastinators, I have found something fun. Maybe not original, but definately fun. It is called The Bucket List.

For those who don't know this, basically a bucket list is just a to do list, but we refuse to get boring right? So we give it a fancy-pancy name and call it a Bucket List. With capitals.

Backstage: Marni x H&M press preview

 By now, the entire world has marked March 8th as D-Day, where the Marni x H&M collections will hit the stores. The papers have been written, the bloggers have blogged and I, I went and observed the trendsetters, trendhunters and more important people at the press preview. You obviously have seen the collection, read the blogs and seen the post about how awesome it was. So behold, here is what really happened. ( It was awesome.) 

Eye-spied : Colorama

Eye-spied before the Giambattista Valli show

Even though I'm not such a fan of too much prints, I love how she put together her outfit. I found out her jacket is a Mary Katranzou Caramolengo silk twill jacket.  

Want to recreate this look ? I hope you have $3,105. For the jacket alone.

Here's to hoping! 



04 March 2012

Outfit : Layers of Brown and a Black Strapless Dress

This is actually a quite old outfit but I decided to put the pictures on anyway, just because I can. It's a very simple but classy look, absolutely one of my summer favorites.