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08 November 2011

Tuesday Thing to try : Dip Dye Hair

Let's talk about hair today. Dilemmas on this subject are unfortunately very familiar to me. Even though I’m very conservative, I like to change hairdo’s A LOT. So happy was my ever challenged mind when friend and hair-experimentista Ciska asked me what she should do with her hair.

 I would’ve proposed both purple and scene-queen hair, but she already did that. Dammit. After a quick run through Google and Tumblr it was obvious what cool thing should be tried next : Dip Dye Hair

I wanted to share one of the prettiest pictures I could find on the web, that ranged from green to blue to absolute rainbow hair !

Of course bloggers couldn’t miss out this trend train, big example being Annabeth from The Styling Dutchman! This pretty lady decided to take the dive and go with pink, which turned out this way :

She was so enthusiast about it that she tweeted about trying different colors in the future, can't wait to see all about it !

This color-mania is obviously contagious, because I can’t wait to do it myself! I want to go blue and pink, but Ciska wants to keep her hair a little bit more subtle and go for ombre hair like this :

Youtube has been to many the source for, well everything. Whatever crazy thing you want to try, there is a how-to video to find. I found a really  good one doing your dip dye at home, done by hair specialist Lauren Rhodes . Take a look :

I’ll do the post step-by-step myself as soon as we get on it, with all the product information included.

Is something you would try/have tried? Did you have good/bad experiences with it? Have any idea where we can get good hairpaint? I would love to know, sharing is the message !