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02 November 2011

5 Season Must Haves

Now that the wind is getting colder and Justin Bieber released his Christmas album ( I know, I know)  I thought of you, my darlings. If you didn't go season-shopping yet, here are the 5 Items you should have hanging in your closet :

1. Something Hairy

(Faux) fur is a must. Period. Now that you can see it in nearly every store, there are no excuses of not hopping into a H&M or Pimkie to get your new hairy friend. Try a warm color instead of the eternal grey this year !

2. Something blingy

Sequins, glitter, bling. Like I said earlier, you are not ever escaping this. It will hunt you down and stand outside your window until you embrace it.

3. Something Preppy

We didn't all get the chance to go to an ivy-league school, but fashion snobbery isn't reserved for the upper east side these days. Get your chique on by wearing classic pieces. Bonus points if you manage to look like a boy.

4. Bows, bows, bows.

I do not have to justify my obsession for bows. Just wear it.

5. Statement Scarfs.


Probably the hottest way (hihi, get it?) to stay fashionable this season. Get that one-piece scarf in a funky mustard color, or a aztec print. Triple bonus points for tribals.