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09 May 2012

Outfit : DIY Clutch and Printed Pants

A few days ago I couldn't believe my eyes. I looked outside and some shining ball in the sky, so bright, so fabulous... My sleepy brain got a shock : "IS THAT THE SUN, FOR REAL?" I literally screamed of excitement. We have seen little to no sun at all, I just forgot how it felt to wake up and see something other  than grey and misery! I hopped in the shower and ran outside as quick as I could, I just had to make some outfitposts before it was too late (bipolar weather problems) So yeah, I went for this outfit mostly because it was so laid-back and so me!

The clutch is actually one I made myself in September ( I do such things when I get bored ). It started out as a tutorial I saw on Style Scrapbook, but when I went fabric shopping I couldn't choose so I wanted to mix these two leathers and re-designing it into this pouch. I really loved the result! It was actually one of the first of my self-made bags I was working on over the summer, I'm really loving the  whole designing-thing :D mhmm.. maybe I should do it more often though...

The pants are one of my all time favorites. The people who see me often know that I mostly wear skirts and dresses, I very rarely wear jeans because I'm not so comfortable in them. So pants like these; very loose, soft fabric, lovely print and easy to wear... Can't get enough of them really. The white butterfly top is one of my summer favorites, wrote about them before.

Sooo, ever since I first did these senegalese twist (that's how these braids are called) I loved the fact that I could do one of those cute ballerina-buns. The more volume the better ! I like to wear scarves in my hair too, this animal-inspired scarf is one of my faves at the moment.

^ flowers in the hair, how hippie-chic of me though.

So guys, this is kind of a compilation of favorites, all in one outfit ! What do you think about it?
I'm really considering designing more these days, mostly clutches because of the enormous range of fabrics I could use... Please tell me if you would like to see more of them in the feature :D

Bisous my loves,