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05 May 2012

Backstage: Photoshoot ATTITUDE magazine

When you'll be reading this I'll already be in Paris! yay !! I'm heading over there for a wedding and not for a shopping session (normally) but hey, Paris c'est Paris !

Anyways GUISE! YOU NEEEDDD TO SEE THIS! I wanted to share these pics of the first photoshoot I did for my internship. I had the pleasure to work with the coolest team (seriously who gets dragged to a café at 11 A.M. ? anyone?) and the beautiful Nevena Dujmovic.

It was so fun to do ! Honestly photoshoots are my favorite thing in the world to do, plus I was allowed to take backstage pictures so my inner bloggerheart nearly exploded of joy. I have TONS of pictures from my day, but these sum it up quite well.

So these pictures were taken at the Crowne Plaza in Bruges ( Belgium), truly a gorgeous hotel. LOL you guys should have seen me, running around with clothes, dressing the model, giving comments on the lighting...I felt so grown up, I was so happy that  I got this internship!
But then it hit me. People actually have this job. Forreal like in real life with money and contracts and omg omg imagine I could do this for the rest of my life and actually get paid like I worked forreal omg I can't breathe. Having the thought that I might seriously  do photoshoots and stylings for a living made me go apesh*t crazy enthusiastic.

Excuse me while I fangirl.
People who are not on tumblr may not understand my fundamental need to express myself in gifs, but I really do ok.

If you'd like to hear more about my adventures (you know, since fashion is a dangerous and extreme field and all) I would love to write more about it, just let me know on twitter !

Oh and of course I can't forget to show you (a page) of the result ...

Have a nice weekend :D