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04 May 2012

Snapped : @ Naf Naf store

After the I left the H&M headquarters, blogging buddy  Kim and I decided to stop by at Naf Naf, where they were holding a shopping night. Besided their pretty interior I noticed these two cuties, had to snap a picture of them!

To find stylish men in Paris is not a problem, but in Brussels ? I just had to head over for a little chat, because their obvious sense of style got me curious to know who they were. It's so weird, sometimes I can be the most shy person on the planet and on other days I feel like I could have a chat with the president like it's nobody's business... Strange.

Anyways it's always nice to meet new people, especially if you can bond over first world problems, complain about all things superficial and talk about ambitions to take over the world, ... Don't you just love fashion?

What do you guys think about their outfits ? WIll post some shots of the new store soon!