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27 May 2012

[ PERSONAL ] The Food and The Fatty

The biggest misconception and most persistent prejudice is that  fashion girls don't eat. Actually, we do. A lot. Like a LOT LOT. I dare you to find one blogger that won't drop everything to come eat sushi and mousse au chocolat. But, I have come to that awkward stage that my jeans decided to shrink and my beloved bodycon everything won't forgive my tummy for loving food. So my diet starts, more or less forced upon me. I really wish for that mousse au chocolat now... Instead, I torture myself by watching the ridiculous amount of food pictures I've collected. Holla if you can guess where they are taken ! 

I only posted a small, ( kinda healthy !!!) selection. Deleted all the rest out of self-preservation... I wanna cry. My body is craving frozen yoghurt and milkshakes, chocolat and grilled cheese... Oh the joy that fries and chicken bring me... Seriously, my body was shocked the day I refused GRILLED CHEESE ! I feel like I cheated my sworn lover with the ugly friend...

SOIT, back to my diet. I kinda suck BIG TIME at diets, partly because I love food like it's my fiancé, partly because the second I eat a salad my entire family gets an extreme case of hysteria, screaming that the fashion industry has gotten to me. *Sigh* #blackpeopledrama.

The day I first did a diet, I decided to take it slowly. You know, no snacks between meals and more of that nonsense. I bravely ate a healthy, rich breakfast (oatmeal with honey and raisins, delicious btw) and took off to school. By the time it was 11 A.M and I skipped my first snack, I thought I was going to starve to death tragically, people would find me, in coma on the playground.. They would shake their head saying " Oh if only she ate that Kinder Bueno instead of trying to cheat death..." So I was wise and ate the chocolate. Cause  seriously, I was not going down in history as the girl who died on the playground. Plus I wasn't dressed for death that day anyway, if I knew I would have at least worn heels.

Since adulthood brought me the minimum of common sense, I decided to stick to my ( 2 hour lasting) diet, because option n°2 ( burn all my clothes and get everything in a size up) didn't seem to make sense to my mom. Pfft.

Not eating makes me grumpy, but I guess I'll just have to get over it. I shall deal with that like a big girl (pun totally intended), because Forever 21 doesn't sell clothes in size 80.0000. Plus maxi-dresses are totally last season. life is hard y'all !

Bisous from your nearly-anorexic blogger, unless air contains calories, in that case I'll just stop breathing too. Bye.