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18 May 2012

[ WISHLIST ] The Looking Glass

I remember a time where it was a shame to be "double eyed". At the age of 8, the doctor decided I had to wear glasses, one of the most horrible things that could have happened to me.
So after the shame and the bullying, I came to the point where I embraced my weirdness  ( I was/am quite a dork ). Time passed and le moment est venu to buy new specs. Don't ask me why, but I went for pink frames ( la vie en rose and all) that were out of the ordinary. At the time I was so so exited that I stood out, that I could accept the fact that I wore glasses and so I took a pair that would only emphasize that. Kinda just gave the finger to people who thaught that glasses were dumb. Yes. At that age.

Now, glasses are more fashion than ever. Who am I to not follow fashion right ? So here it is, my quest has started :

After a check-up I discovered that my view has changed ( for the better, yayy), absolutely perfect moment to get new glasses no ? I made a choice by keeping my glasses and not wear contacts every day: even though I like my face much better with contacts, my glasses are just part of me and I don't plan on "hiding" that. Plus it takes me F-O-R-E-V-E-R to put them on in the morning, time I DON'T have.

At the moment I'm eyeballing this huuuuge pair from Ray-Ban:
This particular model is called "The Carribean" and is even larger than the original Wayfarer, more square too. I really really want a bigger pair to wear, because small glasses are just a no-go for me. My eyes look so small and I HATE that. For me it doesn't really matter if there's a brand on it or not, I just want them to be exactly how I want it. That's quite reasonable no ?

Do you wear glasses ? If so, what do you look for ? Or do you prefer wearing contacts everyday?