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29 May 2012

[ Beauty ] Color my Pronails

I think by now you noticed that I always like to paint one nail differently... Actually just because I can never pick a color that I want, so I just put both :p

I'm absolutely in love with this Catrice nailpolish, it's one of their Million Styles Topcoats! Multicolored gorgeous flaky that looks best with a dark ( prefferably black ) background. The orange color is so incredibly me  that I don't even have words for it. I love orange.

Downer is that it didn't really last though. The Catrice topcoat did, but the pronails polish chipped really quick even with a topcoat. Bummer :( The NYC one took 3 coats to be really  black, so never buying that one again !

Overall, I'm sticking to the catrice one for dear life and will have to deal with the pronails one cause I'm absolutely LOVIN the color :O