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17 April 2011

Pretty, Please !

You all know that type of girl. That girl that walks around as if she owned the freaking place, looking around her as if all she can see is a world in pink and pretty unicorns. And there you are, wishing you were her. Wishing that you had that fabulous walk, those pretty eyes... STOP THAT RIGHT NOW. Why would you want to be her if you can be you?

Let's talk about beauty. These days people are so much underestimating what is true beauty. Example? A while ago I went to a party, and there was a girl who was wearing, well, a very special dress. Girls being girls, everybody was totally gossiping about how ugly her dress was, how her hair didn't seem done, how her body wasn't perfect, and so on. That left me stunned, really. Because being honest, the dress wasn't what you call a picture perfect dress, but man you should have seen her. I mean, she was confident, she felt good, smiling all the time.. say whaaat, she was freaking shining ! That girl knew that her dress was risky but she rocked the dancefloor as if she was born on it, winking at all the haters as if she was saying : "Bite me  !" and how can you not love that?