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27 June 2012

[ MOODBOARD ] Bo-he-mien

Summer has officially started, so I thought it would be nice to make a moodboard ! I'm really into that summer feel, little festivalish little bo-he-miennn :D 

Even though the weather here is SO bad, I really hope that I can finally wear my summer clothes without getting a cold ... One can dream right ? Unfortunately I won't be having too much time to be lazy this month because I have way more important things to do: the photoshoots keep stacking up but you won't hear me complain AT ALL ! 

14 June 2012

[ LOOKBOOK ] Just Cavalli Resort 2013

I am so digging the Just Cavalli resort 2013 collection, I don't think I have enough adjectives to use. Although I preferred the more simple and streamlined pieces of this collection, I feel like the entire collection deserves praise. Inspired by India and it's ethnic decadence, the collection is a tribute to mixing the different perspectives of fashion. Globalization, anyone?

I may have my doubts on mixing neon green and animal prints - let alone combined with an psychedelic explosion of other prints - but it somehow worked.

Sporty glam seems to be everywhere nowadays, and Just Cavalli is no exeption to that. Loose, easy going looks yet tappe à l'oeil, one can simply not pass by unnoticed dressed in this. And famewhorey confident as we all are, isn't that what we're going for ?

Now please, can we all take a moment and appreciate the maxidress above, it's simply jaw-droppingly gorgeous.  I mean jungle-leaf mixed with pantherprint? In neon green ?  I just can't.

Do not even get me started about this dip dyed, fade to grey pant ! Good grace.

Ranging from typical Cavalli-overload to the simplicity and cleanness of the white silhouets, the collection feels schitzofrenic in a really really good way. What I most like about it is that every item is a throw-on-and-go piece, easy to spruce up an entire outfit, while it still looks good mixed and matched. A+ !

How do you feel about this collection?

12 June 2012

[ NEWS ] Maison Martin Margiela x H&M

Breaking news when I woke up this morning : MMM is the next H&M collab ! After getting the blogophere buzzing about the upcoming Anna Dello Russo collab, they stunned everybody by releasing this to the world. SAY WHUUT.

Fashion noobs, let me explain to you why this is an international shock :

H&M is the go-to label for accessible, fits-all fashion. Maison Martin Margiela not so much.  You know how they say that some fashion is ment to be art? Well that scentence got MMM signed all over it. A neo-yeti creature, a dress made out out hair combs, they have done it all.

SOOO to get this high-fashion brand to announce such a collab leaves me.... curious. How on earth are they going to work with H&M and still keep their identity ? Is the world ready for them ?

Well I don't even care if the word is ready, they better get ready RIGHT NOW 'cause it's happening y'all ! I'm so exited to see how it turns out ! It is only obvious that I'll keep you guys posted, as soon as I get my hands on a preview I'll share that ish !  So save the date, November 15 it's going dowwnnnn

Bisous !

11 June 2012

[ PREVIEW] Who Am I ?

Who am I ?

I am a new brand, making my way trough the urban scene.

... Do you know my name ?

08 June 2012

[ BEAUTY ] Springfield Cosmetics

Is that time of the year when every student drowns in self-pity and the ultimate torture of a tête-à-tête with their books: Finals. Only the thought of it horrifies me months beforehand, let alone now, when I have no choice but put my beloved laptop aside ( lol no I'm not doing that) and actually focus on marketingstrategies and projectplanning. Then to find out that apparently my posts didn't post themselves really bummed me out. I'm telling ya, don't be impressed by technology until food is downloadable and you can get hologrammes of Harry Styles in your room.

Turns out that the busiest period for my internship is perfectly planned to be during my finals (yay for timing) but also at work they decided to call me every week to come and make money. I'd say fml, but it's not done. I miss my blog y'all ! So to get myself forgiven I have some yummy giveaways planned, anddd loads of good news, yay ! I'm sacrifiying myself to give you a light in these last few almost-but-not-yet weeks before summer. Shoulder tap for moi. 

So while I perfection the posts with celebration, here some other good news: fashion brand Springfield launches their first cosmetics line ! How can we not be happy with yet another addition to our 'waste my money'-list?