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08 June 2012

[ BEAUTY ] Springfield Cosmetics

Is that time of the year when every student drowns in self-pity and the ultimate torture of a tête-à-tête with their books: Finals. Only the thought of it horrifies me months beforehand, let alone now, when I have no choice but put my beloved laptop aside ( lol no I'm not doing that) and actually focus on marketingstrategies and projectplanning. Then to find out that apparently my posts didn't post themselves really bummed me out. I'm telling ya, don't be impressed by technology until food is downloadable and you can get hologrammes of Harry Styles in your room.

Turns out that the busiest period for my internship is perfectly planned to be during my finals (yay for timing) but also at work they decided to call me every week to come and make money. I'd say fml, but it's not done. I miss my blog y'all ! So to get myself forgiven I have some yummy giveaways planned, anddd loads of good news, yay ! I'm sacrifiying myself to give you a light in these last few almost-but-not-yet weeks before summer. Shoulder tap for moi. 

So while I perfection the posts with celebration, here some other good news: fashion brand Springfield launches their first cosmetics line ! How can we not be happy with yet another addition to our 'waste my money'-list? 

The Spain based brand already had a basic cosmeticsline in both Spain and Portugal, but now they are ready to rock our worlds with the colors of this season: soft pastels mixed with some well-placed fierceness for a look that could smash a hurricane. You known, all while looking innocent.

Doesn't it look tempting ? Lucky for us, the prices are quite modest ! Off you go, there is money that needs to be spent STAT.