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28 April 2012

H&M Bloggersnight feat. FAA 2012

So last Thursday I headed to the H&M showroom in Brussels, to go see the new FAA 2012 collection! The Invitation promised a lot of fun and fashion, so I ran out of class before it was even done ( I'm that badass) so I could be there. The things I do for fashion...

I warn you, picture overload! I had way too many pictures, so I hope these will tell you enough about that night and the fab clothing I saw

Pampering, pampering...

Honestly what is a blogger's night when you can't play dress-up?
What is a blogger's night when you can't play dress-up ? I can tell you we had loads of fun. Can you guess the blogger above ?

If you like the collection, you better run run run! The same exact day that the collection came out there were already some items sold out! The skirt that I wanted wasn't there anymore, but I got most of the accessories. I promise I'll do another outfitpost soon :)

Remember, if you buy anything of this FAA collection, 25% will go to a good cause. So seriously what is better than shopping and helping people? Nothunngg! 

Bisous babes, enjoy your weekend ! 

edit : You want to know more about Fashion Against AIDS? Check out the Designers Against AIDS website