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23 April 2012

Tommy Hilfiger's Promise Collection

Last Thursday I was invited to the Tommy Hilfiger flagship store in Antwerp to see his latest "Promise" collection. I had already heard a lot of praise around this initiative so I was very exited to go see it myself! I was very tired from pressdays and school ( not to mention stressed out :O ) But since the magic of Cafeïne never seizes to amaze me, I had enough fuel to get me trough the day.

1. First public appearance with da braids ! // 2. "Carltonville" wrap skirt // 

The Millennium Promise 

Millennium Promise is a non-profit organisation that wants to achieve the Millenium Development Goals ( such as; cut extreme poverty and hunger by half, combat HIV/AIDS, education for all kids,...) 

To support this, Tommy Hilfiger made a promise : 100% of the revenues made by selling this collection will go to this cause!

The Event

Even though I was there very briefly, I had the opportunity to take a closer look at the collection (while retaining the urge to get myself a new Tommy wardrobe, preppy pants included) 
I was/am kind of sceptical towards those brands that throw in their " african inspired" collections, partly because I'm very familiar with the prints and fabrics, partly because you risk that "I bought this at the market for 10 bucks"-look. Not cool if you actually paid at least ten times that! . 

Invited were some celebrities, journalists and autre beau monde from the fashion industry, who could enjoy some african music and cocktails !

Anyways, I was kind of dissapointed to see that my favorite items weren't all displayed at the store ( those that I saw were quite dissapointing ) but I did love certain items very much! Obviously all the items are for Tommy prices ( meaning not so cheap) but remember that you're supporting a good cause ! :D

3. "African Continent" V-neck tee ( also available in black for men!) // 4. Coral necklace 

Entire Collection

Join the movement ! tweet your promise with #makeapromise and get the chance to not only become a Tommy Hilfiger Ambassador  (Katie Holmes is one too), but you could also  win a trip to Uganda with mr. Hilfiger himself ! 

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The competition closes May 5th, 2012. What is your promise ?