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27 June 2012

[ MOODBOARD ] Bo-he-mien

Summer has officially started, so I thought it would be nice to make a moodboard ! I'm really into that summer feel, little festivalish little bo-he-miennn :D 

Even though the weather here is SO bad, I really hope that I can finally wear my summer clothes without getting a cold ... One can dream right ? Unfortunately I won't be having too much time to be lazy this month because I have way more important things to do: the photoshoots keep stacking up but you won't hear me complain AT ALL ! 

Ok so if you have me on facebook you might have seen it, but in case you didn't, here is the scenario: 
I'm at the studio in brussels, when my phone rings. I pick up the phone like my moron self : 

"Hello, Roberto Cavalli's office, is this Jaspe?"
"Am I speaking to Jaspe?"

I was dying in my chair. Tripple seizure and a stroke all at the same time. WHERE did she say she was calling from?? WOW.  Turned out that the PR-assistant called for some pieces I had to request for my internship (for a photoshoot we were planning) and she called me to confirm that they were send out that day. 

But still

It really got me thinking about how this all went so fast ! A year ago I was graduating and only dreaming about how I wanted my life to be, and today I'm calling the Prada press office and running around town to bring back pieces to the stores... just wow. I feel incredibily blessed. This year is flying by !