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04 July 2012

[ WISHLIST ] Circle Sunglasses

During the last few months I've attended more photoshoots than I ever imagined, and I LOVE it. Obviously I see a lot of pretty things ALL the time, that's why I always have my camera ready to snap all that catches my eye. Today I wanted to show you guys my latest crush : Circle sunglasses!

Paul & Joe

Dazed n Confused

Right now I'm sooo crushing on these round sunglasses from Paul&Joe and Dazed n Confused! It just instantly releases my inner hippie and glamazon all at the same time, must have, period ! 

Other stuff that made me go waaaauw are these fabulous F/W Louis Vuitton shoes:


Anyways, I wanted to thank you all for participating in my giveaways, remember that you can still win an item of your choice from Coverly Clothes ! I recieved the funniest DM's, mails and comments, seriously you guys are hilarious <3 

So, would you go for round sunglasses? Let me know !
Bisous xox