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17 April 2011

Pretty, Please !

You all know that type of girl. That girl that walks around as if she owned the freaking place, looking around her as if all she can see is a world in pink and pretty unicorns. And there you are, wishing you were her. Wishing that you had that fabulous walk, those pretty eyes... STOP THAT RIGHT NOW. Why would you want to be her if you can be you?

Let's talk about beauty. These days people are so much underestimating what is true beauty. Example? A while ago I went to a party, and there was a girl who was wearing, well, a very special dress. Girls being girls, everybody was totally gossiping about how ugly her dress was, how her hair didn't seem done, how her body wasn't perfect, and so on. That left me stunned, really. Because being honest, the dress wasn't what you call a picture perfect dress, but man you should have seen her. I mean, she was confident, she felt good, smiling all the time.. say whaaat, she was freaking shining ! That girl knew that her dress was risky but she rocked the dancefloor as if she was born on it, winking at all the haters as if she was saying : "Bite me  !" and how can you not love that?

I know, I know, you hear it all the time. "be confident, smile, and everything will be okay". It's  easier said than done, because how can you feel sexy when all those gossip-ready bitches are right around the corner, and you know they can't just wait to stab you down ? Every school or community has these persons that always talk about everybody. I think it's only human to gossip a little, but that isn't the same as breaking someone down. The worst part is that a lot of people do that without realizing they're doing that. So it's up to you to ignore them. Seriously. They can totally bash outfit today, but that doesn't mean that they don't like you. I mean how can they, they don't even know you ! It happened to me a few times, that gosh I can't stand her but I don't know why feeling. But once I got to know that person, I was like "wow". It's crazy how quick judgement can influence you, but nothing beats a shiny personality. Because that girl was just so positive  about everything, she made me laugh and stuff, I had no choice but like her.

Whip' yo hair  !
The thing with her was just that she didn't care what people might think of her. I have to say that what she wears, the way she puts on makeup, the shoes on her feet.. Not everybody can pull that off you know. But it was perfect on her. The fact that she wore it and that she felt great in it, made her shimmer and shine as if everyday was celebrate-I'm-alive-day. So the lesson for us all? Love what you do. If you go shopping, enjoy it. You don't have to follow the colorblocking trend if you don't want to, but ask yourself why you don't even try it. Is it because you think that it wouldn't suit you?  OR, is it because you think other people won't like it ?
Is it because you think that if you put on that skirt you secretly love, people will give you the weird look being all like " What the ef is she wearing " ? Then, my friend, you have a problem.

You should be asking yourself a question : "Why not just enjoy life ?" See in my opinion, life is too short to be boring person. You should do what you love! Let's say you love bowling, but all of your friends like to go shopping and you are sure they would make fun of you. Are you really going with them to the mall and spend the whole afternoon wishing you could just get the heck out of there? Really? 

"I've been dissapointed so many times, not giving a fuck is almost a reflex."

If you don't feel good, you won't look good. Nobody can stress that enough. See if you want to go bowling, go bowling already! I can hear the lame arguments from behind my laptop : "But my friends don't like that " or " no way that they're coming with me, I can't imagine that any of my friends would like to that" so whaaaat ? Go alone, and have a blast. Make some friends who do like what you do, and don't bother about the rest! You don't need anybody to carry you around and ensuring you that you are okay do you? You don't need any confirmation, because the fun you'll be having will speak for itself. And if your "friends" can't take that, you might wanna ask yourself some questions about whether they love you enough to see you happy. All of my genuine friends are a little weird, but they are unique and they love their life. Not because people think that they are cool, but because they are happy to wake up in the morning knowing today is gonna be one big party. See if today I told them that  I want to go fishing everyday, they will laugh 'till they hit the floor, really. They would make fun of me, sure. But if they saw that it really made me happy, they would support me. And that is what makes real friends after all, right ?

"And i'll be doing what to do,we turn our back  and whip our hair and just shake them off " - Willow Smith

You know what I do when I feel that people are bashing me behind my back? I turn my ipod into a feel good machine and play Whip My Hair by Willow, and decide to show those people what I got. It is really important that even if their stuff gets to you, it has to get to you in a positive way. Let it knock you down so you can stand up stronger than ever. Because you are beautiful ! 

Now you gotta understand me, being beautiful doesn't mean that all the others aren't. People will shoot you down if you 1. walk around like you don't care about anything and 2. Bitch others around.  Beauty does come from within, and if you are nice to people they will automatically notice you. See you can be pretty and all but if you are mean, you won't be liked. Be a bitch and you'll get treated like one.  

Wear your passion

You should wear what you love, and what makes you feel comfortable. If you like bohemian styles but all your friends go for pretty preppy, just wear what you want ! Remember that you can mix and match everything into your own style, but never ever  wear something because you don't want to be "the weird one". 
See there is a girl at school who always wears her own style. Between all those copycat styles she wears her own stuff, things that obvious make her feel comfortable, and I really respect her for that!  So whether you are the Blair between the Avril Lavigne's, the Hannah Montana between the Nicki Minaj's of this world, or the Taylor Momsen between the Preppy Pretties, wear your passion, and people will see that you don't care about the bitching. People  will see that you are confident and you might help someone who has their own shiny personality , but was too afraid to show it  because of the fear, the fear being "weird".

So it doesn't matter if you are the rock chic, the fresh to def gal, the african fashion mamacita or the romatic lady, you can shine in whatever makes you feel right  .

Kisses to you, pretty lady !