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23 March 2012

Celebrating Spring

So Spring has officially started two days ago, since nothing makes me smile more than the sun  shining I thought I'd celebrate it with delicious icecream and a day off. Even though walking around in bare legs isn't possible yet ( trust me, I tried ) I've been drooling over these Steve Maddens for a while now.

Haven't had the chance to try them on though, but they are calling at me like the sweet sound of cupcakes and more of that deliciousness...

Spring always makes me feel so tĂȘte-en-l'air and happy and apparently so does everybody else. Because  seriously Spring is Summer's preview, a tiny taste of the awaiting fun and exitement.

I'm so asdfghjk happy that winter is over, I thought it would never ever ever end and that the world would be covered in snow and cold and miserable to forever and infinity, but than  God had mercy with us poor earthlings and there was SUN all over the place, how can you not be ridiculously exited about this? no? okay.

The following outfit is in my opinion perfect for these shoes, I feel as if it interprets spring at it's best ^^

Pastel LOvin'
comfortable, yet sweet sweet dress, gorgeous but practical bag, my favorite color on my nails and dramatic, yet sweet eyelashes...
I can already see myself strolling the streets like it's nobody's business, love love loveeeeeeh diss

P.s. Doesn't it go great with my blog's background ?