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06 March 2012

Top 5 Jobs in Fashion

Always wondered how you could work in fashion without having to be a model, or Anna Wintour? Got tired of all those boring job options they talk about at school? Check out the 5 most awesome jobs in fashion! 


What does it mean?
Let me say this in the simplest way I can think of: Front Row Seats. I kid you not; buyers are the motor of the fashion industry. You will be the one that decides what the store will sell ( stores such as Bergdorf’s ) You are the person that puts together a collection within the store based on themes, trends, colours,…

Key Tasks:
  1. Follow the trends very closely and act accordingly
  2. Keep contact with suppliers
  3. Translate trend analyses to store collections and manage budgets.

Why is it awesome?

  •      Have I mentioned the front row seats?
  •     You decide what comes in the stores
  •     It’s both fashion and business, a more “serious” job-option.

What do you have to study?
Preferable product management, but is also an option with something economy-related and obviously a feel with fashion and trends.

Skills Required?
You need to be independent, pay attention to detail, wanting to travel often, capable of taking initiative,

   Public Relations


What does it mean?
Public Relations take care of how the brand looks. They look closely at how the public is reacting to a certain product and they will try to optimize that.
They will do everything they possibly can to make a brand gain publicity. These are the sweethearts that invite bloggers to events,
(Depending on where you work (for a designer brand or for a store or even a PR company) you might have different tasks.)

Key Tasks:
  1. Take care of press releases for brands
  2. Communicate with the outside world for a brand
  3. Make sure a brand looks good towards others.

 Why is it awesome?

  •         You get to meet a lot of awesome people.
  •         Boring will be a word that you won’t pronounce in a very, very long time
  •         PR is also said to be the most fun to do because of, you know, events and all.
If you can’t join ‘em, make sure you befriend them. Never ever pick a fight with PR. Just saying.

What do you need to study?
Majoring in Communication or Public Relations would be a good option.

Skills Required?
You can’t possibly do this without being a social, outgoing person (at least that is how I see it.) There are a lot of skills but with that one you’ll go a long way.

                 Visual Merchandiser Manager

What does it mean?
As a Visual Merchandise Manager also takes care of how a brand looks to a customer, but from inside out. This means the store in question (the clothes, the way it’s decorated,…)

Key Tasks
  1.  Decide how the store looks, from design to where the products are placed
  2. Together with the buying department, decide what clothes will be sold
  3. Make the show window attractive for customers

Why is it awesome?
  •       You get to be creative a lot
  •       Any job with obligated Fashion Week attendance is awesome
  •       A lot of different tasks, so you don’t have to work on one thing all the time.
What do you need to study?
This isn’t really pre-set, but you obviously need to have an eye for styling, colours and have a feeling with trends.

Skills Required?
Like I said above, be able to spot trends and have some basic styling skills.  Being a social person and being able to lead a group is also a plus!

   Event Manager

What does it mean?
I’m currently majoring in this and I can assure you, it’s pretty awesome. As an Event Manager, you’re the one that has to set up events from scratch.  Fashion shows, promotional parties, store openings,… Event Managers do it all. You like organizing, meeting people and see a concept come to life? Keep reading!

Key Tasks
  1.     Build up a concept for an event (what is the story, the idea behind it?)
  2.     Contact caterers, sponsors,…  that will your event unforgettable
  3.     Make sure everybody does what he/she has to do and deliver a killer event!

Why is it awesome?
  •     Your job is to make people have a good time, what’s not awesome about that?
  •     It’s great to see an idea  get to a result
  •     It’s never boring! You move from project to project, no event is ever the same.

What you need to study:
I have the luck to have found this particular major at my school, but after searching long and hard. Actually, it’s office management but you have different majors within, so I picked Event Management. Project management or anything in that field should work too.

Skills Required?
  •      You need to be organised
  •      You’ll meet a lot of people, social skills are therefore a must
  •      This is not your typical 9-to-5-job, so keep that in mind!

   Product Manager

What does it mean?
Being a Product Manager means that you have to make sure that the product that needs to be sold, is absolutely awesome and people can’t live without it. You make sure you know what people want and that your company makes it. Quality, fit and delivery are some of your focal points.

Key Tasks
  1.     Visit different fairs to find out the new trends and it-colours.
  2.     Work together with Styling to make the next collection
  3.     Travel to the country(ies) of production 

Why is it awesome?
  •     You get to travel a LOT 
  •     You know all the upcoming trends in advance
  •     You don’t need drawing or sewing skills to be creative with clothing and fabrics!
What do you need to study?
There’s no pre-set major or direction for this, but it’s always handy if you have fashion management, developing or sales – education.

Skills Required?
  •      Basic knowledge of products (tops, accessories, footwear,..)
  •      Knowledge of fabrics (do you know the difference between silk and satin?)
  •      Know the different artworks (prints, embroideries,…)

source : fashionunited.be

Is your dream job in this top 5 ? Would you like me to feature more job options ?