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31 March 2012

Fashion Dramatology

A while ago I experienced something weird. This phenomenon is called the fashion-seizure, usually experienced by bloggers, dedicated shoppers and lovers of shoes.

a fashion seizure is that moment when your heart stops for a solid 5 minutes and probably caused by a nearby Prada bag, DVF dress or Blahnik shoe. It is that moment when you can't help yourself but run to the product of desire and hold it in your hands while you pull out that credit card. Usually you are yelling to a randomly chosen victim (a.k.a salesperson) "HURREH I NEEDS THIS *insert product of desire* IN MEH LIFE !!!". God help the bystanders who have to witness this kind of drama during sales  -or even worse, samplesales-, where usually two persons are ready to fight for their lives to get this object.

Been there, done that, although this time in a slightly less dramatic version since I didn't feel the urge to threaten somebody with death and curses.

My object of desire was nothing less than a Prada bag from the new S/S 2012 collection. The glorious day I held this work of art in my hands, I was at a photoshoot for Feeling magazine. Since the interns have to do the jobs nobody wants to do, I had to unpack all the clothing that we had to use for this particular shoot. Among the ( ridiculously gorgeous) accesories, this heavenly bag was just laying there, ready to be held into my loving arms.

I swear my heart stopped for so long I thought I was going to die. It comes as no surprise that I had already seen the bag during fashion week reviews, but seeing it in real life is really something else.

I know this might sound way to dramatic for a bag, but this is Prada so I'm aloud to. Plus, you really need to hold it in your hands to know what I'm talking about. The leather is just perfect, the finish is perfectly done... *sigh* Donations, anyone?

Excuse the bad quality, somehow all of my pictures were all kind of "off" that day... 

Anywayzz, I really liked these Chanel bags too, especially the taupe/nude one. The mint bag was also pretty, but not a very good size.

Prada, Chanel and Balenciaga are definately my favorite brands when it comes to bags, what are yours? Realistic or not :p 


p.s: no seriously, if you feel the need to sponsor me, please let me know. I would give you my eternal love