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13 March 2012

The Big You Blogger Event

On the 8th of March I  went to the awesomest of events that took place at the UPR headquarters in Antwerp.  I wasn’t supposed to go, but when I had to for TheFashionalists I succumbed. Their invitation looked so promising, couldn’t wait to be there ! Curious what happened at this blogger-event ?

I wanted to be on time for a change, that’s why I decided to leave home early. You can’t really trust the public transport here and since I’m not yet owning a car I didn’t have much of a choice.  That’s when busses and trains decide to leave on time –’. So I got there earlier than expected, but that gave me a chance to take my time and take a look around.  They gave us a ‘to do list’ of the different brands that organized something, first stop was Pronails !

At pronails they had a nailbar installed, where we could release our creativity and show our best nailart. The theme was London, so  I made this nail based on the well-known “keep calm and carry on“.  They had pens that you could use to draw on your nails which was perfect for me, since I’m so clumsy, even a French manicure is a no-go for me. 

After Pronails it was time for my MAC-session. At their stand they showed us how to do a perfect smokey-eye, one of my favorites but unfortunately doing a smokey eye doesn’t lay within my skills. It was nice to see their tricks and get advice on how to do it properly!

I’m really such a huge fan of MAC, their products are so good!

Next up : Swarovski! Lots of bling mixed with DIY here! A very simple DIY-bracelet was the result.

Chez Illy we had to do one of the most original things: create our own coffee can. There was a huge touchscreen and we just had to draw whatever we wanted !

At Rituals, there were two activities. First was a stand where we got facecharts  and we could apply makeup on them. I found it somehow really hard to apply makeup on the paper so not a lot of luck there. Their perfume stand was more my cup of tea!

They talked about how a perfume was made, what their inspiration was and a little presentation of their new fragrances. I’m really a sucker for perfume and I have been looking for a good one to make it my signature scent. I was so happy we could bring a sample home! Even though I wasn’t really a fan of the  3 other scents, Vanilla Drops and Sweet Orange was sooo good! Didn’t hesitate for a minute and went for it. Guess who found herself a new favourite ?

Sacha had something totally different for us. We had a mini-photoshoot where we could pose with their shoes. I have been  lurking at these cat-JC’s for a while, so this was the perfect time to try them on. Compare it to walking in flats. The heels were huge but I bet I could’ve ran a marathon in them!

 Please like my picture on facebook, you can help me win free shoes ! Just click the picture ;)

I really wanted to discover the DKNY-collection, but unfortunately they were already gone when I got there.  Managed to take these pics before the start of the event, the colours make it look so delicious !

So in conclusion it was an amazingly fun day, discovered a lot of new blogs to read, saw a lot of pretty things and in addition, I have a lot of new products to try out for you !

Big shout out to UPR, you guys really pampered us like crazy and gave us a great event, thank you so much!