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30 March 2012

Rocking the nail trends

Promised you more beauty posts, here is me keeping da promise, applause please.
Keeping up with the mint trend, I decided to mix it up with this gray metallic colour, both Catrice.

A name has never been so appropriate, because you actually can't tell whether it's blue or green. Weird. Seriously spend like 87 years to figure out how they tricked me with that. 
I wasn't a fan of how the colour applied though, had to put a gazillion layers on it to assure coverage and even then I wasn't very satisfied... Capitain Sparrow's Boat is a pearly black ( lol get it?) polish, one of my favorites since I bought it.

The gray nails both got 2 layers and no topcoat, the mint ones did. Chipping started after 4-5 days, but mostly because I'm not that carefull when it comes to my manicure... 

Considering everything I'm only happy with the "Green or Blue?" when it's nicely in its pretty package, but for only  €2,49 I'm not going to complain ! "Captain Sparrow's Boat" earned it's stripes a long time ago, so I'm still a big fan.

You can find the Catrice nailpolishes at Kruidvat.