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27 October 2011

Coke Goes White

Being a dedicated, full - admitted Coca Cola Light addict, I can tell you with no shame that I probably drink more Coca Cola Light than water. Hmm, maybe I should be ashamed... Whatever I'm getting off topic. The reason of my confession is that Coca Cola is pulling out an all-white version of their famous cans.

Reason of their style switch is their collaboration with WWF, to raise awareness around the polar bear and the ever-growing climate problem. Logic tells us that when the earth heats up, snow melts. Snow melts, polar bears die. This is not that hard to get, right?

It isn't the first time that WWF& Coke work together, but the previous campaigns were always less obvious. Goal of this collab is so WWF can create " Safe area's " for the disappearing polar bear.

You can buy this cans at it's launch on the 1st of November until February next year.

Image Courtesy of The Coca Cola Company.