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16 October 2011

5 reasons why you're not losing weight

You've tried every diet in the book, still your body seems to hold on to those love-handles like they in love for real. Why is that ?

1.You have reached your limit

Let's state that you were really dedicated for a month or so, and you lost 3 kilos for good. Being so focused on losing 5, you get absolutely pissed that you just can't seem to reach your goal. Maybe this is because you have reached your weight limit. Everybody has his/her "ideal" weight where your body is in good balance. Getting below that point requires that extra effort. If you are really holding on to your goal, you will need to go that extra mile. But basically, it is your body telling you that you look fine right now!


2.You try to much.

I had this period where I lost so incredibly  much weight, that it was just plain ridiculous. Why ? Because I wasn't trying to, which was ironic because I failed when I did try! People came at me asking how I lost weight that fast, and I just answered them : " I am always busy and always thirsty!"  
No lies, I had to run from place to place all the time and was drinking lots and lots of water due to pure need ( hence the moving around all the time )  and the weight just fell off! It wasn't always that easy, but I have to admit I ate healthy and regularly, which really helped.

3.You are lazy

The best and only way to lose weight is to eat  healthy and burn lots of calories doing sports. Hunny, that diet alone is not going to burn you any calories. Neither is that daily walk down the stairs. You need to do some REAL sports to stay fit, be healthy and have a toned body. I know that if I go running twice a week , I'll be losing weight like crazy. But, my couch is comfortable and I'm busy blogging. And it's cold. You get the picture right ? In dutch we have this wonderful saying, which basically means : "I'd rather be lazy than tired". Know yourself !

4.You love eating

Ain't nobody cookin like my momma, and you can be sure my thighs know that. The occasional binge-like attack has become a routine and it happens that sometimes I feel bad  about my meal. WHY? I ate good, the food was delicious and my tummy is happy. Period. Everybody has his/her weakness, whether it's  chocolate, cupcakes or cookies. The point is that you have to know when to eat it, but don't feel bad for eating good food!

5.You probably don't care

Being on a diet has become a international habit, a mesurement for "normal". You watch what you eat because that's how you think it's supposed to be. But deep inside, you couldn't care less, and are probably dying for that apple pie right now. Girl, do so. You look fine and you sure know it. Nothing is wrong with being okay ! Which brings me to my next point. I know I said I'd only do 5, but here we go:
6.You are actually perfect the way you are.

Have you ever thought about it? Putting all the general assumptions of self-complimenting aside, don't you think you look good? Your belly would look better a little bit tighter, maybe your legs are not that toned, your arms have that little wub-wub when you move them reaaaally hard, but oh well. You are aware that with a diet and some sports you could get it fixed in a month or so, but you don't think you look repugnant, so why bother?

Have you ever thought about the reason  WHY you are on a diet?

Seriously, are you on a diet because you're fat? Because you're unhappy? Or is it because you are so used to bend under the pressure of "lose weight now"? It has occurred to me that my mind was already used to that diet-state of mind, that I did it automatically, while I didn't really have a problem with the way my body looked. You need to know why you want to lose weight so you can achieve your goal, so think it over before you continue!!

What can you do about it ?

I'm just going to share the tips I use and work for me. It is possible that they are just personal, but worth giving a try !

*     Drink LOTS of water
blah blah blah, we know this one. Just make sure that you have a bottle of it nearby, wherever you go.

*     Eat on a regular base
Have steady hours to eat, and allow your body to get used to those hours ! Give yourself a week or two to get used, and stick to it. You'll notice that after a while, your body tells you : Now is time to eat! and : You are not hungry because it isn't time yet !

*    Don't take it too seriously
Just keep in mind that you have your whole entire life to go on a diet, and today that macaroni and cheese looks really good. Do I even need to explain this one?

*   Do sports you really like, and make you happy !
Don't do sports to lose weight only, but to keep you healthy ! If you like to dance, don't go swimming only because you read it burns more calories. When you do something you like, it won't feel like "working" out, but as having a good time! We all could use some more fun, right?

*  Be proud of yourself
Not everyone is made to be a size 36, so be proud of what you have ! There are different types of beauty, embrace yours ! Maybe that girl on that poster has amazingly long legs,  you have that tanned skin ! Maybe your sister has a pretty booty, but nobody beats your waist! Find what makes you beautiful, dress accordingly and Smile like you mean it !

good luck !