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15 October 2011

Blogtorial : Little Red Riding Hood

I present proudly ; My First Blogtorial ! Above you can see the "cover" of this theme, featuring my little sister Shalom. 

I never knew that this was how my first blogtorial would be, since I had planned another story/theme which turned out to take a lot of time, so I'm glad I have something to show you guys. My sister is a beautiful kid with ridiculously long legs, model to be ! She loves fashion and has truly an eye for pretty clothes, she would never let anybody dress here because she always knew exactly what she wanted to wear, and how ! 

True fashionista at heart, she immediately agreed for a photoshoot. She had to pick her own outfit, poses,... She happy me happy. Click to read more !


We just had so much fun doing this shoot, it's just touching how she loves fashion at her young age (she's 10) and how she doesn't see it as "wearing pretty clothes" but as "wearing clothes that make her beautiful" ! Some people take forever to figure such a thing out, I'm just saying :-)

Despite it being a not-so-professional shoot in my backyard, I hope you enjoyed it, we surely did !