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09 October 2011

Viktor&Rolf S/S 2012 Fashion Show

There are no words available to say how exited I was to attend this season's V&R show. I have so much respect for them, that being able to attend one of their shows was just mind-blowing. I enjoyed every second of  it, mostly because I noticed pretty early that my the light was ruining my pictures, so I wouldn't have to focus on capturing good ones anyway

It was truly a stunning collection. "Baby Doll" seeming to be the head-theme, they showed us a lot of glitter and soft colors, enormous stitches and over gorgeous clutches. Maybe it is my fandom of V&R, or just my love for pastels mixed with glitter, I loved it. There were a few - let me exaggerate a little - PERFECT dresses, the kind that I would sell a kidney for to have them. Saw some pretty gorgeous dresses chez Valentin Yudashkin too,sadly I have only 2 kidneys. 



Even though I wasn't completely wild about the shoes, some really worked in certain colors. Good styling was the word, because I doubt that I would buy them if I hadn't seen them on the catwalk. Miranda Kerr and Daphne Groeneveld were ridiculously beautiful as always, some people really got it all. 

I mean, LOOK at her.

  If  I have to have some kind of critique, I would say that it isn't really prêt à être porter. Being more a form of art and expression, some clothes are really not wearable, not even for a fancy event. It's sad that they would be bought just to hang in a closet, but that's how women are, right?  The picture below features a really stunning blazer, but I'm not such a fan of the way it's combined with the skirt. and shoes. Those are the shoes I was talking about before.

The huge, pink eyelashes only dramatized the "doll" effect, with both teased and pulled-back hair it gave me the feeling of barbies walking right out of their doll-house.

All by all, the show was very stunning to look at, not for the least because of the set-up: the models came out of the huge skirts, that were supposed to represent the dresses of the singing couple Brigitte who gave us a taste of french chansons. Very chic.


The good pictures are obviously not by me, courtesy of Style.com