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12 October 2011

Lets Chase Our Dreams... For Real This Time !

Ever crossed a girl, medium to small height, with tons of dreams, a billion ambitions, a pair of high heels and looks like a tornado of energy? Hello there, I think we've met. I'm the girl that wants everything and does, well nothing. Nothing concrete at least. But, like many people know, I hate wasting my time and I have way too much energy to do nothing. So get up, follow your dream let's get this party started !

When you would ask a 8 year-old me what I wanted to do when I grow up, I would probably have said : "Nothing", "Be rich and do lots of shopping"or, when you were lucky, :"Sleep all day". Then I would've stopped to think for a while, and would spend the rest of the following two hours telling you how I wanted to be a photographer, adventurer, singer, ballet dancer and magician. All at the same time. Ain't no tellin HOW exactly, but I would've found a way.
Ten years later I didn't change a bit. Except that the ambitions went from adventurer/singer/magician to designer/fashion journalist/Event coordinator. Thing is,  I started my first year at college this fall and I thought it was about time I had something to hold on to. I tried several things, like this blog, took my first steps in designing, photography, styling and was in practically every board in high school (Prom, yearbook, Free Podium,...) to find out what I liked the most. Tiny problem: I liked ALL of it.

So with all the drama on my head of making choices and planning my future, I just wanted to do something that made me happy. You know, something that kept me going, and something that had a theoretical part (organizing/studying,..) and a practical part ( something to keep me moving!) I must say that blogging really spoke to me, since it allowed me to get things off my mind and just write down everything that was stuffed in my head. It allows me to continuously re-invent and question myself, thinking about what I want or not... Because I want more for me, I want more for my blog! Today I know that I don't want a purely 'Let me  tell you what's goin' on'- blog, neither a 'look what I wore'-blog. Gosh I can't ever say how I do not want to be a 'Look what I bought'-blog ! Even though I love reading  those kind of blogs, I really do, I just don't see myself doing that. Mostly because the internet is STUFFED with those kind of blogs. And noway that I'm getting lost in the mass. 

I say that, because I'm absolutely convinced I will. There are some pretty damn talented bloggers out there, with the exact blogs that I described, and they just rock! I read their blogs in awe regularly, wishing that I could do that too. But I can't, since that ain't me.. Urgh.

So after a period of self-pity, with a shameless dose of "I suck at everything-ism" all day, I got fed up by doing nothing and feeling bad. So I took things  as they were and thought of a whole new concept. I wanted to do everything everything I loved, and let my freak flag fly proudly. After setting my mind on being an Art Director, I started to look around (kudo's tho the guy who invented Google, you have my eternal respect) and studied alot ( I know, I study when I'm not even in school,just a geek at heart.) Wrote notebooks full to develop everything and here I stand ! All fresh and ambitious ! So my big task  is to show you guys what I exactly want, while discovering what that actually is. Because theory is nice, but practice makes the craft.

image source:weheartit

Things are seriously going to change around here, maybe you won't like it ... Or even create a whole new blog, who knows ! All I know is that I want to change all of it, be more myself and maybe a totally different person, making up for the mistakes I made and make even worse ones. I want to take my own pictures, interview fun people and find new and exiting projects. I want to find people who are like-minded and who are willing to take the dive with me. Go to exiting places and do the things I love most. Sharing my love for fashion in a whole new way. And maybe even enjoy what's coming to me.

Tell me, what do you do? do you like it? if you don't, why don't you change!?

Peace, Love & Music,