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09 October 2011

Martin Grant S/S 2012 show

The first show I had the honour to attend was Martin Grant. I'm really a fan of luxurious hotels, so the Westin  was everything my  precious heart desired. Please bear with me, I used my new camera for the first time, didn't master the dim light during the shows well. Anyways, here are my favorite looks :

 The hair was kept sober, since the clothes were really present. They almost had this wet look,combed to the back with a side-part. Being both flowy and tailored somehow, the clothes seemed really comfortable to wear. Practical and beautiful, that's the way to go !

As you can see, yellow was very present throughout the show. I feel that the garments were pretty timeless, pieces that would steal the show today as lets say 5 years from now. The makeup was kept natural, apart from the wild, bold-colored eyebrows. For me the Martin-woman is strong, fierce, and a classic beauty with no fear of stepping out of her comfort zone, hence the eyebrows.