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16 October 2011

Coco Après Chanel : Part I

If you call yourself a fashion lover, Coco Avant Chanel is a must-see movie. It tells the story of Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel, from her youth as a poor girl to a known designer. What I found so striking about her personal style was that she adapted so early that laid back, no-nonsense boyish look. She refused to wear clothing that would be uncomfortable in any way, what I found more than reasonable. Fashion has to feel good, right? Today I'll show you an outfit inspired by this movie:

Coco Après Chanel

I did it on purpose to add only a few accessories, because they easily get in the way. Two simple, golden rings are enough to add a nice vibe to a simple outfit, without making it heavy and uncomfortable. Comfortable shorts in a jersey-ish fabric add on to that laid back purpose, certainly not getting in the way of whatever you wanted to do. Afraid of colds? Get that tweed blazer to keep you chic and warm. Always remember, tights are your best friend this season!