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27 October 2011

Things to try : Leather Accessories

I crossed a girl in Paris wearing this very special thingy, not exactly sure what it was but it looked damn fierce ! Made me think of how I would like to have so many things in leather, inspiration after the jump !

Leather Bows



Now, run to the store to buy leather bows,  because they are totally spicing up every single outfit. The sweetness of the bow together with the raw material will absolutely add that extra oumph to whatever you're wearing! 

 Leather Bows

Mix Leather Pants with Leather Shoes

While you are at the store anyways, remember to pick up that leather tregging to match some of your rock&roll worthy heels, rock-attitude guaranteed. Try to have them in a different texture, to not be to matchy-matchy. Paired with a (faux) fur waistcoat you'll have enough swag to run over Rihanna herself, but be sure you are confident to rock this outfit ! The more shy types can always combine it with a white chiffon button down shirt, or a glitter/sequined sweater to take it to the night:
fantasie noir


Mix Leather with Sequins
Coup d'éclat
Put your hair up, rock that smokey eye and embrace these outfits !