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21 February 2012

Event Recap

Dear readers, criticasters and random surfers, welcome.

For today's post, I would like to request a moment of silence. Silence because we are about to say a prayer, yes indeed. Why ? because I need to thank the LAWRD - that's why! - Let's bow our heads please.

Dearr Lord, we are gathered here on this blogspot to give thanks. Thanks because of the wonderful things that you have done, including giving us internet and online shopping. Thanks because of the opportunities you give us everyday, for Fashion week and of course for Ebay. Stand by us as we face everyday's trials, and remember the people in worse conditions.


No for real though, I am very grateful right now. Many have requested a new post, but lack of time and other first world problems caused me not to. But! do not fear ladies and gentlemen, for I am back with loads of stories and even more pictures. I don't even have a clue where to start, so I guess just at the beginning. I'll even put it in a nice and clean list, what about that !

Stuff I'm thankful for :

1. I had yukterms in December, but after that I had a wonderful time with family and friends. I really can't remember any other time I had that much fun, in heels nonetheless.

2. After a what seems an eternal search, yours truly landed her fashion internship !!! I will write errthing up in detail later :D

3. AS IF one job wasn't enough, I started working as PA and Community Manager at TheFashionalists, our own Satorialist here in Belgium.

4. It stopped snowing. Seriously that deserves its own bullet point. Because no more snow means that Spring is coming!

5. I get to do LOADS of photoshoots, stylings, etc. because of what I do, you guys cannot imagine how thankful I am for that ... That really is "my thing" so I'm happy to learn everyday.

6. VOGUE NEDERLAND. I was so exited for reals thoo ! *Teyana Taylor Voice*

7. My good resolutions (both fashion resolutions & regular ones ) are still standing, yay !

As full as my head was when I started writing, that empty is it right now. Somehow I can't come up with anything else but I'll just write it as soon as it comes to mind :) Anywho, as you can see, I haven't been sleeping all this time :)  I actually posted on tumblr a lot ( attention, high level of fangirling) & even started a photography blog because I missed blogging so much :')

I will write seperate posts for everything above, I will spare no details my hunnies, promise to keep you posted !

What are you thankful for today ? Leave a comment or tweet me !