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21 February 2012

Fashion Resolutions

In my opinion everybody should have a few fashion resolutions, if only it were to try new styles, or finally get rid of bad habits ( white socks,ew!) I always had loads, but  - like often with any kind of resolutions - I never kept them. This year I decided to do things differently.

I really need to wear more color ... - weheartit-
I saw a lot of sites do fashion challenges lately, ranging from "wear one piece for 30 days" to "no more jeans for a month". I really liked those, that's why I decided to share some reasonable ones with you guys. Fashion challenges really get you to think, push you in a position where you don't have a choice but be creative! The first few days are always easy, but try 3 weeks... I know I went trough some serious pains.

So I'll share my own challenges-turned-fashion-resolutions + tips to start your own !

No jeans at all.
I tried this one (not for a month, but for a fair amount of time ), because dressing became too easy. On lazy days -had lots of those- I would just throw a pair of jeans on with a top and off you go ! But this challenge definately opened my eyes, because ever since I hardly ever wear jeans anymore.

Ban the Black
I am such a sucker for black colors, again because they're so easy and safe ! But since this blogger became bold and daring, I banned the black. It's okay to wear what I already have, but you won't see me buying any black items anymore.

Wear something magnificent every day 

I saw this challenge on CollegeFashion and loved it right away. That, together with 25 reasons why you should dress up everyday was all the conviction I needed. It really motivated me to get the best out of my wardrobe! I think the fact that I'm in college now kind of helps, because I can practically can wear everything I want and not get dumb remarks such as :" why are you wearing that ?" "why is there anything else but grey A&F on you ?"blah blah etc etc.

Comfort is the key
Somehow I had 'well dressed' associated with 'sky high heels' in my head, being totally ignorant about the awesome flat shoes out there. Then Fashion Week happened and I swore I would never put my precious feet in heels ever again.

Fashion Bomb Daily
Obviously that didn't last very long, but it did make me realise that above all I should be comfortable in everyday wear, but at the same time not let that make my outfit boring. Talking about awesome footwear, I hear Sascha will be pulling out some killer shoes! Anyways, finding more shoecandy that won't massacre my feet became a new challenge.

So I shared my fashion resolutions, here is how to make your own :

1. Look at your closet. What do you hardly ever wear? Why ? Why did you even buy it ?
2. All of the clothes that you hardly wear, pile-em up and think of new ways you could combine these items, or maybe what is missing so you could wear it.
3. If you have a ridiculous big inspirationfolder like me, try to figure out how you could translate that into your own closet. You don't need to buy that expensive YSL shirt, DIY your own !

Once you have set what you really want, how you would like to change/re-invent your closet try the following tips :

1. Take that saturday morning to do your laundry. EVERYTHING need to be in your closet and ready-to-go, you might want to be prepared for that.Then, trough everything. Make outfits, try everything on. Think of new combinations based on the inspiration pictures mentioned above, or pay a visit to lookbook.nu.
2. Plan your week in outfits, because you really don't want to do that in the morning since you might want to take the easy options anyway.
3. Try keeping a style diary, on tumblr or lookbook to document your outfits and see yourself grow stylewise. That really works !

Hope these tips were helpful!