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25 February 2012

Fashion and The Art Of Being Boring

In the world of fashion people have a tendency to strive for perfection, whatever that might be. People want to fit the mold, to be a part of the whole, to stand out without standing alone.
The big names in fashion started out being les enfants terribles : Coco Chanel went androgyn when women wore corsets, McQueen remixed absurdity with fashion and Sonia Rykiel gave the big fat finger to the serious fashion incrowd. Even though they took a serious risk, they stayed authentic, real, which eventually led to their succes.

So a while ago I was looking at the Fashion & Film series, in a desperate attempt to learn something, when something struck me. Fashion people don't know how to have fun. I mean real fun, without having to take drugs or alcohol. Fun like in lets-get-grazy-it's-damn-fashion-week-crazy. They all take themselves so seriously ! I felt like just climbing on that runway, do a crazy dance and pull people up there so we could have a party. Does that even make sense ? All those people sitting front row were just copies of copies of pre-chewed trends, wearing the same shoes, same hair and same "look at me I'm famous" vibe. I wonder what would happen if someone just put on some music and started acting carelessy free.

I always have this crazy fantasy, where I'm in Paris waiting at les Jardins for some serious show like Valentino or Loewe or something and suddenly, out of nowhere Elle Me Dit  by Mika just starts playing. Everybody looks so relieved, take their crazy uncomfortable shoes off and start dancing, laughing, living, High School Musical Style. Obviously this is just a dream, I'm way to awkward to just start dancing at Valentino but hey, gotta do something.

Maybe it's the song getting me in such a happy mood, but it made me think about this topic. I understand that all of those people have  very serious jobs etc., that's not something to play with. But I see the same thing happening with bloggers too, which is really sad because it used to be so fun... 

I guess I just wanted to make clear how I would like to see more creativity and versality in fashion. Myself I have struggled a lot to "find" who I am style-wise, I guess because for years everything had to be so polished. We had this unspoken rule in highschool that anything unique had to be banned,that's why I had in my head that everything had to be harmonized, color-co√∂rdinated and never ever mix prints. No need to start about the dumb-level of that. It doesn't really help that I'm such a bounty; my life is an eternal struggle to mix african with european style and that can be a real pain.

Am I being unreasonable or ?