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29 February 2012

Outfit : Don't Mint My Sweater

Ever since I saw this mint sweater at the H&M's 4th edition of FAA, I fell in love with this fresh color. Even though the collection definately didn't get the attention it deserved, I felt like just waiting until the rest of fashion world would wake up. And yes, what did I read in ELLE : Mint is the it color of this season. SCORE.

I cant get enough of this sweater. When it's cold outside it can be easily layered, when it's hot outside it's légerté is wonderfully comfortable. You can completely dress it up or down while still being confortable, incredible no ?

My necklace is actually a purse chain, but I threw the purse away and kept it's chain because it's so versatile ! necklace, belt, bagstrap,...

Ever since I had my hair cut, I love to wear biiiiig earrings

I'm not such a big wearer of silver(colored) jewelry, but once in a while I just give it a try. I'm actually wearing a fine necklace in the top close-up, just turned it around my fingers a few times, I prefer it that way ;)

Next to mint green I'm also a big fan of turquoise this season, definately buying buttloads of that too ;)

I'm still keeping my fashion resolutions as you can see, comfortable is the key ! 

What is your favorite color to wear ? Are you pro- or anti-mint trend ?