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27 February 2012

Focus : Anna Dello Russo

Ladies en Gent's, I want to introduce to you the lovely Anna Dello Russo. The fashion blogger/enthusiasts /blabla surely know her, but I'm sure that some of you don't and you should. Keep reading for the what and why's !

Fashion-obsessed and Fashionista extraordinaire, Anna is one of those persons that you simply cannot ignore. She walks into a room and all eyes seem to be drawn at her. Maybe it's the gorgeous outfits, maybe it's the way she looks everybody straight in the eyes... Probably because she is just amazing tout court. Some facts about her :

∞ She is Italian
∞ She works for Vogue Japan
∞ She is known to have the craziest shoe collection - over 4 000 pairs !-
∞ I'm pretty sure she (and Anna Wintour) can walk into any fashion show without people asking questions, she's fab like that.

I saw here multiple times at Fashion Week in Paris, but couldn't put myself to talk to her because she's a friggin celebrity  I'm kind of shy I guess. But, at Giambattista Valli I felt adventurous (must be because I saw Olivia Palermo and got crazy exited). She walked out of the show, so I just asked "hey Anna what did you think of the show?"

And she stopped.


I got so starstuck I seriously couldn't say a word. I cant even remember what she said! 

But she was so nice, I was fangirling like crazy because I think she is just so inspirational, the way she talks about fashion fascinates me more than I can explain.

But yeah. On my last day I met her again at Chanel, this time I asked for a picture with her since all I did was stand in line with the streetstyle bloggers to catch a glimpse, but tatataaa::

And yes, I'm smiling like a crazy person, but you have to forgive me, I'm really good at fangirling. That teeth-neclace, omg. 

So anyway, I hope you guys will still have a glimpse of respect left for me after learning how I can freak out about such a thing. Oh and make sure you check out her quotes here. If you read it with an italian or russian accent, you'll probably die of laughter, I know I did.

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