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21 May 2011

I spy I spy with my little eye ... Vanessa Hudgens !

There are many reasons why I could hate Vanessa Hudgens. Her incredibly gawwjusshh hair, for starters. Then you got the fact that she actually could get Zac Effron (sigghh...) But if I had to mention one reason why I love her, than it would be the fact that she dresses just the way I like, in every designer that I like, being probably a thousand times more stunning in them than I could ever be. More reason to hate her, but let's stay positive today :D

The reason of me drooling (again) is because I was looking for my latest 'must have object' : A floppy hat. Googeling around I found pictures of V. rocking this hat, and it looked just stunning on her. Like really. 

She's just gawjush. I mean, look at her hair ! *sigh* well while I'm trying to get over my jealousy of her total being, let me show you my favorite, combining the floppy hat with the colorful of this summer and some mini color blocking too :p


This Sophia straw hat can be bought for $29.99 at buy.com, and is available in Black, Dark Khaki, Natural, Natural Black, and Red Purple

As you know, I had to mess with polyvore, so here it is :