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08 July 2011

Incoming :: Fashion Workshop !

Nothing to do in September? Join DAA and their new project! 18 to 28 -year olds will get the opportunity to participate in their new Safe Sex Fashion Show, with perhaps YOU as designer !

Designers Against AIDS has once again found an exellent way to raise awareness for AIDS/HIV in the world. Via an exiting  fashion workshop for students, they will be guiding and creating amazing stuff for the good cause.


 " Specific team tasks will include (but are not limited to): finding raw materials (T-shirts, other clothes, accessories, etc); creating a fashion concept that reflects the safe sex theme as applied to young fashion; reflecting beauty and pop culture in the designs; creating unique clothing pieces by hand; scouting for models and a volunteer glam team; organizing an event to show the clothing created; if possible, auctioning off the clothing to the highest bidder(s), blogging about the experience; publishing the film via social networking sites; finding ways to promote and publish the results of the workshop via other DAA actions and creating local and international press attention (press release) during and after the workshops. The IHAEC workshops take place in a very agreeable environment, appeal to your senses- and will look good on your CV!  "

I have already signed up to blog about it as it progresses, and if you feel like you could be having some fun for the good cause, don't hesitate at all !  A good time and building up experience is worth gold, so hurry hurry to sign up if you're available from September 1-30 each working day from 10 AM up to 6 PM

Want to participate? email  ninette@designersagainstaids !

Caramel Candy___#
photo courtesy & quote: http://www.designersagainstaids.com