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03 August 2013

On Neon And Lace

You would think that being in the Netherlands would spare me the burning heat I had to bare in Spain. HOW ABOUT NO. The world turned into an oven and I am loving it. Besides the fact that everything I wear is just melting off, I have nothing to complain about. I absolutely loathe cold weather and don't even get me started about the flu that comes with it. 

For today's outfit I thought I shouldn't put too much on: this gray sheer shirt is just life. And these Nike sneakers make me feel like I'm walking barefoot: PERF. 


Although I love this top, I just can't seem to get it right on me. It has this weird flappy thingy on boob-level and I just ugh. So I ended up knotting it on the side. Also, I couldn't deal with the - however gorgeous - braid I started out with. Bun that ish up !

I just remembered how ridiculously short-legged I am. Fantastic.

Skirt and top - H&M // Sneakers - Nike // Necklace - Claire's