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02 September 2011

Fall Trends 2011

While the summer weather is being deceptive as usual, fashionista's all over the world have prepared their closet for this Autumn and Winter ! Lets take a look to what this season's bringing us:

1. Shimmy shimmers

We all loved the colourblocking trend of this summer, and even if there is no reason at all to stop that - in a more season-appropriate way ofcourse. I am totally embracing the shimmers trend. Weather it's metallic on your eyes or sequins on your blazer, get your glitz on!

Get Your Glitz On

2. Leather me up

It doesn't matter if you prefer the fake leather over the real deal - I ain't judging - but real leather lasts longer, and only gets prettier the older it gets. Think outside the box (Leather bags don't count !) and pick a fierce leather skirt, leather shorts or a very feminine leather dress !

leather it up

3. Autumn Dots

Get that dotted skirt out of your grandma's closet, because this season it will be on! Mix and match different dotted items, or go fully dotted to go extreme. Instead of the classic white-on-black print, try some color!

Autumn Dots

4. Girly girls on top

Pinks are doing really well, delicicate dolls among us, be relieved. This is a style I'm absolutely trying this summer. Everything cute, babypink and girly will do the job, just remember to not overdo it. Cream whites and powdery pinks will happily marry soft greys and misty nudes. For the not-so-delicate dolls, a touch of attitude is always welcome! The soft colors will give you the full opportunity to go bold with eye and lip makeup.

What are you wearing this fall?