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26 August 2011

Bloggers Against AIDS : The Pictures, The Cause.

Soo, here is part II of the photoshoot with the actual pictures. First off I want to make clear what this project was all about. We (the bloggers that participated) wanted to raise awareness for HIV and AIDS. Because no matter how pretty the outside is, a virus hides in small places. So pick the safe rides only! 

We had a serious blast doing this shoot, and I think it was a great opportunity to meet up as bloggers and do a project together, hopefully more in the future and with more bloggers ! Remember to CLICK on the picture for a greater image and better quality. So , tadum, I present you :

Blogger Kate  from 100% Coton:

Blogger Axelle  From Style Playground :

And well, me.

Don't forget to check their gorgeous blogs for outfit details, so Eva can tell you where she got that hat I'm wearing, Axelle can tell you all about her wedges and Kate know the exact place for that leather vest! Check it out !

Caramel Candy___#