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26 August 2011

Hats Me Up

I have a new obsession. And I blame Eva from Just Be Creation* for 100%. Cause before she put one on my head, I never even could dream about putting a hat on, and now I'm craving for one. Damn you, Eva !

For some unexplainable reason I never wanted to wear hats. I loved them, but always thought that they looked weird on me. Every excuse I have used, from "I have a big head" to "It makes my head look weird" I have used.

Then, on the shoot, I realised that I simple didn't know how to wear them. Miss Dork Universal as I was, I wore them backwards, making them look weird indeed. Duh. So now that I have mastered the art of hat wearing, I'm looking for the perfect one. or one's. Or just a perfect hat in every possible color.

Just in case you wondered, yes, it is possible for a person to be stupid enough to wear a hat backwards and never realising it. I'm just build like that, logic statements just get Error 404 codes in my head, prière de me pardonner.