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24 August 2011

Why Don't You Rush In My Shoes ?

Today was one hell of a day. Rushing up and down a billion stairs, playing dress-up in the middle of place Poelaert, a photographer that refused to show up,.. Stress enough to cause some serious heart-damage. Today I survived on cafeïne and snickers. Welcome to ma petite belle vie.

First of all, do not start a project if you don't have the nerves to finish it. Cause boy did I go through some stress these days. I have been working on a project with H&M, the Belgian Bloggers and yours truly as dedicated coordinator. Obviously I had not the slightest idea of what I getting myself into.
I remember being soooo exited when Marianne of H&M liked the project and volunteered to provide garments for the Bloggers Against AIDS project. When I saw the mailman in my front door holding 3 XL bags signé  H&M, I went nuts. It felt like the joy of sales shopping, minus the painful feet, the long waiting and the frustrated people all around.

Anyways, I went throuh the hell of putting pressure on everyone, slight heart attack when someone didn't RSVP,  and I might have asked myself what mess I got myself into. But when the deadline arrived, the pimped clothes were ready and I was happy. That was, before I realized that organizing a photoshoot is way more complicated when nobody is getting paid for it. All that hopping, emailing and yelling around made me realize something important, I love it. No seriously. I always knew that organizing was in my blood, fashion is what I breathe and a good dose of pure stress gives me a good excuse for my daily Coca Cola break. Caffeine > Anything, okay?
So after some soul searching and with the help of my new best friend Google, I found the job of my dreams. More about that later, lets talk about this day that was a real test for my nerves.

So I woke up with my heart knocking in my knees. I aint tellin no lies, I swear that I was so stressed out because I hated the idea that something that I worked months on could possibly go wrong. And everything that could go wrong, went drastically wrong.Take Murphy's law and add about a thousand. When two out of four of my models slash bloggers slash designers told me that they couldn't be there, I didn't know why the heck I was even going on with this. But I hate wasting my time, and I'm way to stubborn to give up, so after some magic done by Axelle (thanks girl!) I found myself a new model and a drastic dose of motivation. Being childishly enthousiast because of the great location and the even greater view ( Oh, Brussels, marry me please!) I got  a serious reality check when I saw the rain pooring out of the sky the day before, as if God decided to move the Atlantic Ocean to Belgium, and as quick as possible. Then my painful penny dropped and I realized that the location was en plein air and I ain't had no plan B. My love for Brussels suddenly cooled down a few degrees. As much as I love La Galerie Louise, no way that I was shooting there. I did my prayer for dry skies ad promised God to give Him credit if it came out, so there you go, thanks !.

You think you had your dose of stress BEFORE doing your first project/photoshoot, but wait untill you actually get there and ... Your photographer doesn't show up. Like not at all. After mailing around, let him  decide not only the place but also the time since I know how picky they can be when it comes to location and time, I wanted to be the nice person and let him pick. Guess again. As naïve as I was I asked everybody to get there early, so we could get everything straight so mister photographer wouldn't waiste his time waiting on us. We waited, and waited, and decided that the Miss Independent in us should come out and shine. True Bloggers at heart, we had lots of clothes and a decent camera around, and so we had a serious blast playing dress-up. Happened to drive by and see 3 girls gettin' comfortable and changing outfits en plein  milieu of Place Poelaert? Jup that's us ! Should have waved, we totally wave back ! Big up to Kate, Eva and Axelle  for making it such a great time and not allow me to freak out, thank you so much! We did our photo shoot with little shame and lots of bravoure. Kate posed with risk of falling down 5 meters ( break her neck and die) so I could have a good shot, Axelle faced the crazy traffic of Brussels and with fear of getting hit by a tram by posed on the rails. While Eva and I almost got hit by a car, we fearlessly went on. And happened to have some pretty damn good shots, which has everything to do with their pretty faces, the camera and less with my capacities as photographer I'm afraid.

All together I had an amazing time, and learned some precious lifelessons. Lesson one, Keep Calm And Drink CocaCola on!